27 June 2022

Telkom Launches new Disruptive Mobile Offers

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Telkom Launches new Disruptive Mobile Offers

Introducing the new Infinite and FlexOn mobile plans with no restrictions

27June 2022, Johannesburg:   Telkom has launched new Mobile Postpaid plans which aim to step change the industry. These two plans, namely FlexOn and Infinite are available on a month-to-month (SIM only option), 24- and 36-month contracts with the latest smartphone, so customers can access an unlimited world of connectivity.

Here is a closer look at the two all-new plans:

  • Telkom Infinite gives customers never-ending data from just R299.
  • Telkom FlexOngives customers data to use on any platform of their choosing, starting from R99.

Both plans have the data and flexibility customers need to do all the things they love online. These mobile plans are tailored for smartphones only – making them more affordable for customers.

“Telkom Infinite gives customers unlimited data without breaking the bank,” says Boudier Coetzee, Portfolio Manager:  Mobile Postpaid Products at Telkom.

True to its name, Telkom Infinite gives customers access to infinite data, meaning you never run out of data. Infinite gives you 15GB of All network, Anytime premium data for R299 per month and Infinite Max gives you 30GB of All network, Anytime premium data for R399 per month. Once you have reached your premium data allowance, you will still have unlimited data*, at a 4speed that still   enables customers to use data for surfing, streaming, messaging, chatting on their favourite social media platform, emailing, calling and more from their smartphone.

This network speed will allow continued data usage at standard definition resolution. The data speed shall be reset to best speed at the beginning of each calendar month.

Infinite’s never-ending data plans have been specifically designed for personal use in smartphones only and may not be used in MiFi’s or routers.

“Previously customers would pay more than R1,000 for an unlimited SIM in a smartphone. That is a thing of the past, the way we have designed Infinite makes it unique. At a price point of R299, it is undoubtedly the best value in the market for never-ending data.”  said Coetzee.  “In addition, we also added 6000 Telkom minutes and 300 All-network minutes to keep customers surfing, streaming as well as chatting. We expect this plan to help democratise data even further, making it more affordable for customers to ensure that they can always stay connected.”

The FlexOn plans offer 2GB and 6GB data for R99 and R199 per month, respectively. This data is All-network, Anytime data that lasts for two consecutive calendar months, meaning users can enjoy their data for longer on any platform. Data transfers to any other Telkom numbers are possible on this plan.

“Our FlexOn plan provides customers with a lot of unrestricted data, meaning customers can use their data for whatever they want, whenever they want - now that is flexibility.” commented Coetzee.

Both Infinite and FlexOn plans are available for new and current Telkom customers. These plans are available through traditional Telkom owned stores, Direct Sales Force, Third Party Channels, and the Telkom online channels. *

*Terms and conditions apply.

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