16 September 2016

Shift Joe Public rebrands government free condoms

Submitted by MyPressportal Team
Shift Joe Public, Joe Public United’s strategic brand design specialists, in partnership with Society for Family Health, created a refreshed brand identity for the newly launched government free condom re-branded as Max.
The new Max condom design, as well as the launch of this completely new brand to market, is a significant and important national move forward. Max works towards changing the negative perceptions around free condoms and ultimately aims to increase uptake, which translates to saving lives and changing the HIV/AIDS statistics of this country. 

The strategic launch of Max is part of a nationwide drive to increase use, which has been in decline since 2012. Max has replaced the well-recognised Choice condom brand. Its name plays in many areas relevant to condom usage. From maximum quality and maximum protection to maximum pleasure, pushing relevancy and intimacy and creating a “street” tonality.

With a completely new conceptual identity, from design and logo to the brand’s look and feel, this fresh visual positioning is strong, clean, simple and contemporary, appealing to both male and female users. The identity also creates a brand that South Africans want to engage with, are not embarrassed to use, and will feel a connection and loyalty towards it.

Shift Joe Public truly understands the market and how to create a relevant and engaging brand identity. “To further strengthen trial, Max has introduced consumers to three new scents with complementary designs in: grape, banana and strawberry, all of which complement Max’s “original” or blue wrapper condom,” said Simone Rossum, creative director Shift Joe Public.

“Creating a completely new brand identity is what we love to do at Shift Joe Public, because it allows us to connect strategy with creative, building a strategically led design. Not only are we proud of the brand we have partnered with to create, but we are proud of playing a small part in changing the way consumers think when it comes to condom usage, a practice that has and will prove critical to the growth of our country,” adds Rossum.

For more information, visit shift.joepublic.co.za. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook or on Twitter.

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