28 March 2017


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At the Citi Protection group: “Our business is to secure your peace of mind because WE CARE & DO MORE” The Complete “How to” Guide To Select The Best Possible Armed Response Security Company... Below is the Free Report The purpose of giving you this report is simple. I want you to have the confidence to use CitiProtection armed response’ flexible “Armed Response Security Solutions” for your security needs. I appreciate that you’re going to need some convincing, before you utilize our services.

That is why in this report we’re giving away The 7 Golden Rules to choosing the right Armed Response security company for you. Therefore, instead of filling these pages with hype, I’m going to give you the bare facts and loads of useful information. Our clients are the best sales people so we’ll let them do the talking – so to speak! As a company that has taken care of thousands of clients over our combined 30 year history, CitiProtection armed response Services specialises in taking your security headaches away, because we do one or more Security Solutions for your specific situation:  Residential homes  Estates  Parks  Shopping Centres,  Schools,  Retail Stores,  Complexes,  Factories,  Businesses,  Households,  Gated Or Boomed Areas  Or Any Temporary Or Permanent Security Requirement “Ultimately, we provide EXPERT security so that you can carry on with your life or for you to stay focussed on your own life…” By giving you this information, you’ll be in a position to make a sound decision. If you don’t think the CitiProtection Armed Response Security Solution is for you – then hold on to this information because you may change your mind sometime soon. In your heart of hearts you know you have genuine concerns when it comes to security and the quick response time from a security company to be at your needed location in a matter of a few minutes. As a person looking for peace of mind, you most certainly would like to focus on doing your daily work, run your shop/business or moving about getting on with your daily household chores. You want to worry less about whether your security needs are being taken care of and want to take the strain off from outside distractions, thus allowing you to focus on your core activities making you more efficient and productive or just plain getting more out of life. When you outsource your security needs TO THE RIGHT COMPANY, you get EXTRA FREE TIME to do what really matters.

At CitiProtection Armed Response “Our business is to secure your peace of mind because WE CARE & DO MORE” However, when you’re busy with going about your daily business, you’ll no doubt be experiencing at least one of the following:  Constant frustrations in ensuring the security hassles have been taken care of  Not sure whether the price you’re paying for security matches the value you expect  Constant problems with the accounts department of your security company or weak administration  Unprofessional installation technicians  Long response times for armed reaction  Inaccurate assessment of your security needs  Irritating sales people who are either pushing too hard or disappear when you need them most  Lack of expert knowledge in critical security issues  And the list goes on and on… frustrations, frustrations and more frustrations… Let’s be honest, you want to focus on your own daily duties and activities. That is why you hired an accountant to look after your finances, a HR person to handle the employees, etc. a Maid to assist you with your daily house chores if you’re a working person, as you simply do not have the time to be spending it on life’s little worries. Don’t let the hassle of your Security requirements keep you from running and focusing on your things when you can quickly and easily remove the frustrations of keeping your valuable assets, staff or loved ones safe by making use of CitiProtections “24hr Armed Reaction Service”. Eliminate The Strain with The 7 Golden Rules… When selecting a new or evaluating an existing armed response contract – follow these simple rules to make sure you are getting what you are expecting and paying for:

RULE 1: You must get a Security Officer in an event of a break in for that shift – security and Security Offering is a very personal thing and therefore minimum standards should at the very least be met.

RULE 2: Your security company’s officers should respond with faster response times which are the industry standard.

RULE 3: Armed response is all about getting to you QUICKLY when you need it most. That is why there must be a low client to vehicle ratio in your area.

RULE 4: PSIRA compliant, trained, registered, remunerated – it may seem obvious but being registered at the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is not the same as being compliant. Many security companies register but fail to:  Train their Security Officers according to PSIRA regulations,  Comply with PSIRA requirements,  To remunerate their Security Officers according to PSIRA minimum standards CitiProtection Armed Response


“Our business is to secure your peace of mind because WE CARE & DO MORE” Some security companies don’t even register and therefore fall completely outside all the protection that PSIRA provides you as a client. In fact – it is illegal to hire a security company who is not PSIRA registered. If you do, you’ll be held fully responsible when things go wrong… Here is a list of minimum requirements you can enquire about before hiring a security company

1. The company must be PSIRA registered

2. Current status with PSIRA must be registered and up to date

3. The company must pay minimum Grade C PSIRA rates for Area 1

4. The company must pay time and half on Sundays

5. The company must pay double time on PublicHolidays

6. The company must carry the sick leave provision as per the labour relations act

7. The company must pay a night shift allowance per shift

8. Does the Security Officer receive a detailed payslip for the client and Security Officer to confirm shifts worked and rates?

9. Does the company offer a dedicated area manager?

10. Does the company offer multiple Supervisors per shift to the armed response Officer?

11. Does the company offer a system to prevent sleeping on duty and to stay in touch throughout the shift?

12. Does the company have a GPS unit fitted to all its fleet

13. Does the company offer full investigations for all incidents?

RULE 5: A reputable security company will do a professional investigation, risk assessment and written report after every incident so that you can have peace of mind.

RULE 6: A dedicated armed response vehicle in your suburb with a low client to vehicle ratio. This allows for quick response times and giving you the confidence in emergency situations.

RULE 7: Alarm equipment repairs must be attended to and if your alarm is not in working order, then a solid security company should provide you with a portable panic solution for a few days until your repairs are done. Equipment owned by the security company must be kept in good working order for your site to be monitored properly.

 The armed reaction security company must do more to be proactive and take a crime prevention stance. Therefore, free unlimited risk assessments upon your request should be done because that is the expertise you need to ensure you have done what you can to protect your property. Now you know the Golden Rules. If someone was able to take away the strain of your Security requirements and answer these rules in a GUARANTEED way, would you be interested? Yes, of course you would be. Let me show you how it works. The Armed Response Security Solution from CitiProtection Reaction Services assists you as a home owner and companies with CitiProtection Reaction Services (CPS)

“CitiProtection Reaction Services"

“Our business is to secure your peace of mind because WE CARE & DO MORE”

  • Intelligence Based Security,
  • Expert Knowledge and Crime Prevention through Education Programmes.


  • GUARANTEE 1: CitiProtection guarantees a Security Officer in an event of a break in for that shift.
  • GUARANTEE 2: CitiProtection guarantees we will respond with faster response times.
  • GUARANTEE 3: CitiProtection guarantees a dedicated armed response vehicle in your demarcated area with a low client to vehicle ratio
  • GUARANTEE 4: CitiProtection guarantees a PSIRA trained, registered, compliant and remunerated staff members
  • GUARANTEE 5: CitiProtection guarantees professional investigation, risk assessment and written report after every incident
  • GUARANTEE 6: CitiProtection guarantees a free panic box in a case of an alarm failure for 7 days to safe guard you and your family, if we did not repair after accepting repair quote
  • GUARANTEE 7: CitiProtection guarantees free unlimited risk assessments upon your request


  • CitiProtection Armed Response Security Specialists Provide a FULL electronic solution.
  • This is all we do – nothing else… 
  • We DO NOT compete on a “price for price” with other armed response security companies because we employ as a matter of principle only the best Reaction Officers for the job 
  • We DO NOT undermine our client safety by employing non-PSIRA registered Security Officers 
  • We DO NOT compromise on regular training for ALL our staff – our training budget is one of the biggest in South Africa per staff member
  •  We DO NOT skimp on going the extra mile – our motto is “We Do & care more.
  • What WE DO is provide the best Security Solution for your needs – without compromise!


  • Our core strength lies within the service we provide to clients who have a need of a Security Solution over a period of time. We pride ourselves in this long term relationship because we are the only company who can truly do this with confidence, clarity and conviction. The reason why CitiProtection provide consistent high quality over a long term is because of a well-established “Company Purpose” shared by all who work for CitiProtection, which is: “Our purpose is to use our passion and ambition to innovate, educate and strengthen our professionalism being recognized as an industry leader with a reputation of reliability” In fact, from this purpose the company motto is – WE DO MORE All these things are evident not only in the way we dress and conduct ourselves, but in actually living our purpose daily. Tired Of The Frustrations And Hassles That Your Current Security Solution Is Giving You? Here's How To Find The Breakthrough Solution… Simply pick up the phone and call us today and we will have a telephonic discussion and assessment on how we will be of service to you in your Security needs.


  • If You Phone Now to 0860100202 and your First On-Site Visit Will Be FREE Of Charge. All you have to do is pick up the phone today and say “I am calling for my FREE on-site security assessment” And we will do the rest.

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