17 August 2015

Graffiti Remain Market Leaders By Investing In The First Of Its kind Printer In South Africa

Submitted by SIMONSAYS communications

Graffiti – a creative marketing services company in the business of high-impact branding solutions for the mobile (vehicle and trucking) and retail industries – is changing the face of big branding with the acquisition of the first EFI Vutek GS525OLXr Printer in South Africa.  As market leaders in super-wide UV printers, EFI VUTEK’s technology is considered trailblazing and for Graffiti the investment into this flagship unit is a game changer – enhancing its offerings, costs, capacity and turn-around.  The inherent environmental benefits of the printer will also improve Graffiti’s carbon footprint as it strives to run a cleaner, greener operation.

Graffiti managing director, Alan Harris, passionate about the industry and relentless in his pursuit of excellence, assessed several machines concluding that only the GS525OLXr delivered on the benchmark expected by the Group.

“Having assessed efficiency, costs, and overall returns for all three divisions, this printer is the only one that can deliver for us in ways that no other machine can,” says Harris. “Our mobile – vehicle and tarpaulins – and fixed branding solutions will greatly benefit from the new improved technology. We’ll be able to keep everything in-house and it opens up opportunities for us to work on more niche projects, using a broader spectrum of substrates.”

The new printer boasts 10 colours, including white channels. They are all cured with the latest LED technology, as well as EFI’s SuperFlex ink which has unparalleled flexibility, longevity, and an amazing scope of colours. 

The quicker turnaround times provided by the new printer will make certain sharper deadlines are met by the Group. Harris adds that with ink drying times significantly reduced, the machine will triple Graffiti’s capacity.

Another improvement on the Group’s existing technology is its ability to print massive billboards of up to 5m in width without joins – an obvious plus for its fixed branding and retail clients.  According to Harris, the Group expects its Point of Sale business to grow with the introduction of the new printer.  “We also anticipate seeing more sophisticated and specialised applications being brought to us; jobs that only the GS525OLXr can manage.”

The green footprint of the printer is demonstrated in its reduction of emissions and cost savings, thereby ensuring greater sustainability.  There are also savings on energy consumption, which, according to Harris, was another plus when considering the alternatives.

Long-term supplier Saga Digital brokered the deal and is responsible for migrating Graffiti from its Jeti Solvent Printers.  The August installation and transition is expected to be smooth and seamless with the benefits of the model immediately obvious.

“The market has become increasingly ruthless and this superior printer will give us the impetus and competitive advantage we need to take our business forward, while cementing our position as leaders in large scale fixed and transit branding. At the same time the unit will take the market to a new level in quality and performance and our clients will benefit from the investment into this foremost technology,” concludes Harris.

Graffiti is a creative, young at heart marketing services company in the business of high-impact, head turning branding. It supplies cradle to grave, premium indoor and outdoor branding solutions for the mobile (vehicle and trucking) and retail industries, and has a national footprint.  The Vehicle Branding, Tarpaulin Services, and Retail Solutions divisions are supported by a fully equipped in-house production department and graphic design studio. Known for its quality and guaranteed warrantees, Graffiti attracts blue chip companies from a variety of industries, including FMCG, automotive, security, logistics, cleaning, petroleum, financial, office automation, communication, and insurance among others.  

Enhance your assets – brand them with Graffiti. For more visit: www.graffiti.co.za