15 December 2021

Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things To Do Right Now [Part 2]

Submitted by Domains.co.za Johannesburg
Gearing up for Christmas Online: 3 Things To Do Right Now [Part 2]

By now your Christmas campaigns are already running or lying in wait for the Black Friday hype to die down. In the first part of this series, we looked at strategy marketing and ways to build an email marketing list.

As there is still enough time, let’s tackle some of the details of your campaign – its tinsel, if you will. Ultimately, if you (and your team) aren’t really excited about your Christmas specials, you’ll have trouble enticing anyone else. So, get psyched!

If you haven’t done so already, start thinking about the following 3 things:


This depends entirely on what you sell and how many sales you are expecting this season. Be creative and resourceful. While it is great to design and print bespoke Christmas packaging for your brand, if the cost of it is unjustified, then leave it. Do something else instead.

Inexpensive ideas:

Write a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note on a Christmas sticker or tag. Gift wrap your normal shipper boxes in Christmas paper with lovely string, etc. Decorate brown Kraft paper yourself. Your local craft store will sell the right supplies. This idea is not only simple and inexpensive, but it is also very authentic.

TIP: Pictures of your packaging will make great content for your social media campaign.

2. In the spirit of Christmas…

Does your company have a cause it supports, if not, it may be a good idea to take on one now. Social responsibility isn’t a must for companies, however it does show the ‘heart’ of a business. There is a lot of need in every town in the country, any cause will be one worth supporting.


Talk to your team and get volunteers to donate time at a soup kitchen, SPCA etc.Donate gifts, money, food, clothing etc. Host a charity event.

TIP: Photographs of your team actively supporting a cause will be refreshing between all the sales posts on your customers’ social media feeds.

3. Freebies

Think of a great added-value gift/freebie you can include in all your Christmas orders over a certain value. This will help you stand out a little more, give customers that extra push to pick you or simply surprise them.


Free shippingIf you sell jewellery – perhaps a free jewellery box would be a nice touchIf you sell wine glasses – a free bottle of wine might go down well. If you sell a service, like car washes etc. – a free car air freshener could do the trick

Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this and could even collaborate with a local supplier.

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