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Monday, 18 July 2011 01:29

Electronics Dropshipping Storm Has Hit South Africa

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Do you want to open an online shop? Can't find products? Need advertising? There is now a site that offers it all.

Big Slick Online Shop and Business solutions will blow you away at what they have to offer. They have just launched their online shop. They sell all their products at a wholesale price, enabling a customer to market their products and resell them for high margin profits.

Not only will they supply your new business with products to sell, they will also ship it for free to anywhere in South Africa, meaning you will have much less work to do!

Once your new shop is up and running they will offer advertising and social marketing products to get traffic to your shop! They will even design your company logo and business cards/product flyers, all their services are less than R100! This is a steal compared to some of its biggest competitors.

Who knows maybe you'll be the the proud owner of a new business, thanks to Big Slick!


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