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Monday, 01 December 2008 14:28

‘Amorphous Direct’ launches, encouraging marketers to pull out their yardsticks

{pp}With the professional direct market in mind Amorphous New Media has launched Amorphous Direct; a division geared to boosting the agency’s direct digital marketing offerings. Amorphous Direct will be developing and reselling industry leading digital direct marketing tools that incorporate full statistics and measurability; critical for calculating Return on Investment when justifying marketing spend.

Spearheading the launch of Amorphous Direct is the release of two new direct marketing solutions aimed at bridging the gap between mobile and web communication. The Cellword and Smartmouth products offer a full digital direct marketing solution that easily integrates with above, through and below-the-line marketing efforts.

Amorphous Direct Business Unit Manager Tess Sulaman says, “The Direct marketing discipline has always been a critical component of any communication campaign, the technology behind Cellword and Smartmouth means that we’re able to provide a measurable, targeted direct marketing solution. The ability to prove return on investment and to target campaign messaging is invaluable to any marketing manager.”

Cellword has a strong call-to-action component; this sms to e-mail platform is capable of delivering any form of digital content. The content is triggered via a pre-defined Cellword sms and then delivered via e-mail.

The Smartmouth e-mail system is highly robust; sending up to 1 Million emails per hour, and offers high-level statistics and measurability. User activity is tracked and content can then be targeted at specific users based on their level of interaction and reading habits. The Smartmouth system is a critical tool for better understanding customers’ needs and habits. Both the Cellword and Smartmouth platforms incorporate full statistics and measureability.

This is critical in the current economic downturn as brand custodians need to be able to prove return on investment to justify marketing spend. Grant Shippey, Amorphous New Media CEO adds “The launch of our Amorphous Direct division expands our service offering as the Amorphous Direct suite of products can be integrated into all through-the-line campaigns to provide end to end communication touchpoints, which are all targeted and measurable.” Amorphous Direct is the direct digital marketing division of Amorphous New Media

Contact Information:
Amorphous Direct
Tess Sulaman
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 011 380 6500

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