Monday, 14 December 2020

Engage your audience using Microsoft Teams or Zoom with International Keynote Speakers

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Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become immensely popular over recent months due to the in-convenience of holding face to face meetings which has been brought about by COVID-19.In addition to this method of holding meetings, other than just holding a ten minute one to one call of only two staff members. For a memorable full blown AGM and other important forms of communication such as conferences, health announcements, new product launches or other staff meetings including seasonal celebrations generating higher spirits amongst employees.

Get Worldwide acknowledgement from Keynote Remote Speakers

Now it is possible to add Keynote speakers to your Zoom or Microsoft Teams AGM or online conference. Epnet Live have arranged for you to be able to book a world famous keynote speaker covering a selection to choose on topics such as leadership, success, business, branding, politics, health, finance journalism, sport and the media.

World leading speakers and personalities

Examples of world leading personalities we are able to offer From Oscar award-winners to leading scientists and businesspeople changing the face of our planet for the better. People such as Lord Sugar & Piers Morgan, Prof. Noreena Hertz, Sir Richard Branson, Baroness Helena Morrissey DBE, Cher, Claudia Schiffer, Boris Becker and many more. A keynote speaker is the headline of your event, drawing the attention of the audience to deliver a memorable speech which not only inspires but which carries your message seamlessly along with it.

How streaming of our worldwide keynote speakers works

Give us an idea of your topic and we will then be able to offer a list of famous speakers from the topic that will suite you. With hundreds of remarkable remote speakers available covering any industry, sports category or from within the entertainment industry we will find a keynote speaker specifically suited to your area of interest. Overcome Zoom or Teams Fatigue & Engage Your Employees During Covid-19.Through Epnet Live, you can discover an industry-leading famous personality of an interactive keynote speaker that will get your employees involved in innovative ways. What employee engagement activities can you do during lockdown over the celebration season? Together, your employees can learn to make pizza from scratch, try out hip-hop dance, or pick up some drawing skills or —just to name a few.

What Epnet Live does for you

We arrange the booking and attendance of your selected keynote speaker (who will attend from a studio near their place of residence). We then come over to you and link you to the keynote speaker, using Zoom or Microsoft Teams we will then project this onto your own screens and disseminate the broadcast using our live streaming services. The speaker will be able to see your conference as it takes place which helps to make it easy for them to grasp your topic and follow along. Afterwards you can hold a question time where your audience will be able to interact with your chosen keynote speaker or famous personality. In addition we provide a multi-camera experience to capture anyone in the room making your meetings much more professional than just relying on a single laptop camera. Make sure your online meetings end up with a bang.