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Best Digital Marketing Agency - Johannesburg

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Best Digital Marketing Agency - Johannesburg

2020 African Excellence Award

yMarketing is an award winning results-driven team of creative people who are very excited to announce, we have demonstrated excellence and was therefore awarded the 2020 African Excellence Award for Best Digital Marketing Agency Johannesburg.

yMarketing have been operational since 2010, converting to a (Pty) Ltd company in 2018. We have more than 20 years of experience within IT and Marketing. Working in various sectors throughout our years of operations, our portfolio show cases a few of our projects. We develop digital brand & online footprint strategies, communications, products and services that matter to your target group by novelty and brand authenticity.  We offer an Agency service, Training Courses to empower clients to understand all their reporting and analytics.  We also empower business owners, students and employees by training them through our online interactive courses.  yMarketing also has a very unique lead generating software that can track your unique website visitors and their details. 

Our Digital Marketing Services in yMarketing comprise of:

  1. Design - Creating a brand and communicating your value through your brand
  2. Development - Building a compelling Website to run and promote your business
  3. eCommerce - How to start and manage your store online to sell products and/or services successfully
  4. PPC - Better known as pay per click, puts your business in front of the right people, TODAY
  5. SEO - Helps you find new clients organically and grow a foundation for tomorrow

Our Digital Courses in yTraining our training division comprise of:

  1. Wordpress - 1 Day Course
  2. Digital Marketing - 3 Day Course
  3. SEO - 1 Day Course

We have more courses that are currently in progress, and will be launched soon. 

Our Lead Generation Software, through yLeads:-

We show you the names of companies visiting your website. Beat your competitors to the sale. 
Studies* show that contacting leads quickly makes it much more likely you will close the deal. Contact your leads before your competitors are even aware of them.

  1. See what they do, your leads are prioritized based on what they do on your site
  2. Contact decision-makers, we enrich your leads with company and contact information
  3. Send leads to your team, update your CRM by getting our Lead Reporting straight to your team

We are a well rounded agency with divisions to assist in a full centered service for business success.

yMarketing Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd

yMarketing is an award winning digital agency, who build amazing brands and specialise in digital marketing. We consult, work, improve and teach in all aspects relating to digital marketing. As a results driven agency, we strive to achieve our clients assessed goals.