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Tuesday, 28 May 2019 14:31

Offlimit Communications turns it up a Gear

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Offlimit Communications turns it up a Gear

Offlimit Communications has been on a resounding growth trajectory over the last 5 years and again has stepped it up a gear in 2019 with a record-breaking streak of bagging over 10 new clients in the first quarter. Known for executing buzzworthy campaigns with memorable stunt styled executions, Offlimit Communications is one of Africa’s renowned experience providers.

On Offlimit’s strategic stance, Strategy Head and Partner Lisa Alton commented, “We always aim to set the speed and pace for the first quarter, to ensure that we are actively contributing to economic growth and keeping OLC family and their families growing and thriving- that’s what fuels us for continued growth. Plus, the fact that we have a strong team dynamic that everyone makes it their business to fuel the momentum is what has helped the growth.”

April was an exciting month for the experiential agency when Offlimit was awarded the Nu Metro account, Nestle and Ab InBev’s Brutal Fruit. Premier’s Iwisa and Snowflake have also been added onto Offlimit’s client base further cementing the long-standing relationship with the FMCG house.

Long-standing partnerships with Coca- Cola, Huawei, Blue Ribbon, Sta Sof Fro, Stylin Dredz and Bosch saw the agency being re-awarded business for the new fiscal, an achievement the agency is proud of. In addition, Offlimit’s Africa division has also grown in the first quarter of 2019 breeding new relationships with iconic whiskey brands, Jameson and Chivas, as well as Bosch.

“We have had a whirlwind first quarter. 2019 has really been monumental for us in terms of agency growth and forging new relationships with power brands to make memorable campaigns. The team has started strong, and the second half of the year promises to be amazing,” commented Offlimit Communications MD Jerome Cohen.

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