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Monday, 06 May 2019 09:54

Firewater has landed on South Africa Shelves

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Firewater has landed on South Africa Shelves

What is Firewater?

Firewater is a Canadian whisky blended natural cinnamon flavour. It is a top 5 distilled spirits brand in the United States and ranks the #1 brand on-premises calls.

What makes Firewater special?

  • Firewater is not your typical spirits product that fits neatly into a category. It is one of its kind.
  • Firewater is an iconic brand, throughout the US and in countries around the world. Firewater's rise to flame has been a grassroots movement, market by market, bartender by bartender, consumer by consumer. There is a unique attachment between Firewater and its fans. Its personal.

How to enjoy it?

Firewater is best served alone as a shot.

Available in 750ml or cases of 12 X 750ml.

South African stores that sell Firewater/Fireball

  • Spar Tops and Liquor City - Retail selling price is R199 per bottle

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