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Thursday, 07 February 2019 12:44

Business Friends And Not Business Associates

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Business Friends And Not Business Associates

Pro- Rank is a family owned marketing business, and like many businesses in South Africa, Pro-Rank has experienced financial difficulty in the past. We understand how hard it is succeeding in today's world, especially with this ongoing economic crisis in South Africa. It brings us great pleasure to grow businesses successfully through our online marketing efforts. We like to think of ourselves as "business friends" and not "business associates". 

Pro- Rank have been assisting companies in marketing their services and products online from 2013. What makes us different from other marketing companies is we value our clients, and work with them closely to assure the success of their marketing campaigns. 

Many people assume that smaller businesses are not professional enough, or do not offer the same "value" as bigger businesses. We believe this isn't true. Smaller businesses go the extra mile to assure clients are happy with their quality services, personalized relationships and competitive pricing. Bigger companies are more about numbers and contracts, somewhere along the line, the relationship is lost. 

The founder of Pro-Rank, Andreas Pepas, started to learn online marketing in 2010. He had left South Africa to live in England, but struggled to find a decent job. He eventually found work as a waiter to pay the bills but highly disliked his job. It was the one night, after work, where he stumbled across search engine optimization. He enrolled in several courses and took several years of learning and practice to master SEO.  Andreas Returned to South africa in 2012. In March 2013, Pro-Rank was Created and Andreas continued to learn different aspects of internet marketing to promote businesses in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has always valued the relationship he has with clients, and always gives 100 percent to ensure clients are completely satisfied with his services. 

Pro- Rank

Our company provides professional and affordable SEO and Google Adword services in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We are fully certified and experienced in assisting all types of businesses in marketing their services online.

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