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Monday, 09 July 2018 19:36

First Choice winter custard campaign launches

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First Choice winter custard campaign launches

Building on the corporate identity seen in the summer custard campaign, the First Choice custard winter campaign created by Boomtown sees the custard character ready for the colder temperatures.

Building on previous campaign lines, and understanding that during good times or bad, comfort food makes anything better, #custardmakesitbetter will be used in all communication alongside iconic typography, striking colours and engaging visuals. 

“First Choice custard is a well-loved product, and we want to create a community and following around the brand and its campaigns and create talkability,” remarks Lauren McNish, the Boomtown account director who oversees the First Choice/Woodlands Dairy account. “Our character will be placed in different scenarios consoling different winter desserts, playfully making them better.” 

The campaign includes intrigue creating point of sale as well as a competition to win cash prizes. “It is envisaged that the First Choice custard character will become a brand mascot,” adds McNish. “We will be giving him a real persona that has infinite longevity, placing him in different scenarios and developing his role within the brand.”

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