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Sunday, 11 March 2018 20:41

Co-branded Campaigns make rands and sense for SMME's

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PremierEDGE is the Product Integration and Movie Marketing Specialists to the SA Film Industry. “We use film as the measurable platform to build brands and promote products to a captive audience,” explains Micha McKerr, CEO and founder.

That’s all good and well when the brand comes complete with deep pockets and an understanding of the power of product placement. But where does that leave the local SMME market in terms of maximising the opportunities presented by movie association? The answer lies in co-branding. When two or more brands share the limelight they also share the costs.

Consider the national reach and mass appeal that a movie marketing campaign achieves. The strategic mix of outdoor media, print, radio, in-cinema, trailers, teasers, interviews, road shows and social media comes with a hefty price tag. Add to that the endorsements by the movie stars themselves and the millions continue to climb.A start-up brand or new product innovator would have to source substantial funding, or even part with equity, in order to take their company or product to market on a similar scale.

Enter Product Integration - The SMME Superhero that smashes the archaic one-brand-one-campaign mind-set, fights for the lifestyle innovator and elevates the entrepreneur.  Suddenly the brand that is building our economy from the ground up, or the progressive project designed in the dusty township, is on the Big Screen. The captive audience is convinced and connected, as the product is woven seamlessly into the script ensuring authenticity and believability.

Product placement is not a new concept. The first movie ever to win a Best Picture Oscar was a silent 1927 film called Wings, which featured Clara Bow, Gary Cooper and, in one scene, a prominently placed bar of Hershey’s chocolate. But Product Integration combines on screen placement co-branded promotion and PR. This is the PremierEDGE difference. The magic continues off the screen and on the streets, as our Product Partners are featured on all Movie advertising elements and across all social media platforms. To add more power to the package, Product Partners are awarded exclusivity so that no competitors are featured in the same film.

Film making is an art and the story, period and cinematography must be respected. We will never place more than five brands in a movie, and the selected brands must share the vision and values of the script.Are you an entrepreneur with a start-up that needs a kick start?

Have you created a product that needs promotion and PR? PremierEDGE is working alongside South Africa’s most recognised, awarded, respected and successful producers, directors and stars – and for a fraction of the budget of traditional big-spend marketing, product integration will bridge the gap between your brand and the buyer.

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