07 May 2017

A new service for classifieds in South Africa

Submitted by Markus
A new service for classifieds in South Africa

Now with www.adone.co.za a new and charge free portal for classifieds is available in South Africa. The best first. The listings in all categories are free! And anyone can use this great service, whether an individual or company. You can advertise in all South Africa.Never it has been more fun to sell his stuff.

Classifieds at www.adone.co.za. NEW STUFF – OLD STUFF – SERVICES – LOOKING FOR – BUY – SELL 

Initiated on a private basis in and for South Africa

This page has been created on a private basis. You can help this wonderful idea succeed. Use the free service to publish your classifieds. Share your classified ads in social media, so the page is known and increase your chances of success. Become a member of www.adone.co.za. You can to login without costs and take advantage of the full range of services. 

Free offer for companies and institutions – big promotion

AdOne – Classifieds for South Africa offers much more than just free classified ads. We now have a very special offer. You can present your company or institution at no cost. And the same in double! Use this unique promotion!

It works quite simply.

Find under https://www.adone.co.za/promotion/ your category that applies to your activity or industry and click on it. You get to another page of us to match your choice. You will find more details there in the news. But we would like to tell you already now what you get from us. 

Our offer for you – how the promotion works

Send us your own written text about your company or about your institution. You may like to integrate the link to your website. Your text must contain at least 300 words. Send us a picture and if available, your logo. We will check your text and if everything is correct, then we publish. As already mentioned, double. Your article will appear in the news of your chosen page and we will publish the article on the main page of AdOne – Classifieds for South Africa on the blog. Thousands of people will read that.What are you waiting for? Grab the keys and use this great offer from us. 

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