Wednesday, 19 April 2017

PremierEDGE – Launch Release

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PremierEDGE – Launch Release

PremierEDGE, the full service PR and HumanBranding agency, has hit South Africa by storm. The brainchild of Micha McKerr, this dynamic agency is catapulting its clients’ careers into the stratosphere.

Micha McKerr explains, “Our methodologies are working, simply because we create, and then do not deviate from, the plan. The HumanID strategy that we have developed is a synergy of personal values, audience demands, international opportunities and career visions. Through EQ evaluation, talent analysis and value exercises, we gain an understanding of our clients, on a deep level. This is a globally unique and very personal approach to career PR and personal brand evolution”.

PremierEdge primarily focuses on taking South African actors, celebrities and entertainers on a Human Branding journey, with PR, media, marketing and lifestyle upgrades forming part of the package.  But it is not all glitz and glamour. Media, both traditional and social, is sensationalist by nature, and it is through her own experience of “murder by media”, that McKerr developed the tools necessary to overcome negative publicity and recover positively and proactively.

Micha McKerr is an entrepreneur by nature having founded and owned the through the line agency Mixology and the Ideas Agency ThINK, before her philanthropic nature refused to be ignored and she launched the needs-based Nutrition NGO, INeedPhood. Her client list spans 20 years and includes, to name but a few, KPMG, Standard Bank, Absa Capital, Bidvest Bank, Investec, Nedbank, Group5, Murray and Roberts, Tenova Bateman, L’Oreal Professionnel, Maybelline and Garnier.

McKerr’s ability to manage blue-chip brands across multiple platforms, while meeting business requirements and driving campaign success has been translated across to the Human Branding promises that form the foundation of PremierEdge. She describes her change in focus as, “Humans are challenging. We react, we’re emotional, we have fundamental values and we have the ability to engineer and sustain change. Aligning human values with global change - that’s the foundation of a future that I would like to be a part of. That’s exciting. That’s cutting edge”.

​PremierEdge clients are experiencing the power of HumanID first-hand, as locally loved stars are receiving calls from international production houses, ambassador-seeking product owners and media moguls. “It’s hard work, it’s behind the scenes, it’s about the person not the product” and it’s changing our understanding of PR. It’s PremierEdge.