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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 14:43

Golf TV™ in Full Swing

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Golf TV™ in Full Swing

Golf TVTM by Golf AdsTM is the very first fully-fledged digital television channel created especially for golfers. Broadcasting within 90 of South Africa’s top Golf Clubs, the place-based television network flights niche content and advertising to the affluent golfing community.

The Out of Home television platform is in full swing, broadcasting content that is niche, informative, engaging, entertaining and relevant to golfers. A combination of general, financial, sport and golf specific news keeps golfers informed. In addition, each golf club has its own specific club news making the platform extremely relevant at each venue. The content is interspersed with commercials that are relevant to the audience, therefore the channel is ideal for touting luxury, leisure, sports, alcohol and technology brands as well as products and services. 

Simon Turck, MD of Golf Ads™, is extremely proud of the new channel. “Golf TV™ will revolutionise the way brands and advertisers communicate to this highly sought-after, upper LSM captive audience. The channel hits the mark in terms of reaching and influencing an affluent audience of opinion leaders and decision makers,” he says.

Low production costs and quick upload turnaround are key benefits of Golf TVTM, so too is the state-of-the-art programming management. Furthermore, Golf TV™ screens are positioned in key areas of the golf club, ensuring maximum impact. Media strategists, planners and buyers now have access to a specialist platform that captures the attention of well-heeled consumers in a relaxed environment where they are open to engaging with brands.

“Golfers are on the golf course and clubhouse for at least half a day on average, and usually play once a week. They socialise, they drink and they have fun; in other words they are in the perfect frame of mind to assimilate brand messaging via television screens that also attract their attention through news and entertainment broadcasts,” continues Turck.

Research shows that this market is predominantly male with an 80/20 male to female split, with 39% of golfers being under the age of 35 and a further 37% between the ages of 36 and 50. They also tip the scale as super wealthy, with 37% earning in excess of R50k per month and more than a third earning over R100k a month.

Brands wanting to penetrate a market of affluent, sports-loving, financially fit, discerning, tech-savvy audiences with an affinity to luxury brands will find what they are looking for through Golf Ads™ and Golf TVTM.

Golf Ads™ offers a comprehensive range of advertising formats for reaching an upper LSM audience in an environment that offers high dwell times and excellent frequency. For more information contact Simon Turck This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  083 252 8387 or go to and follow @ProvantageSA

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