Tuesday, 29 November 2016

ProActive promotes Arthur Ford

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ProActive promotes Arthur Ford

ProActive™, a division of Provantage Media Group, is implementing a multi-faceted campaign for South African perfume and cosmetics brand Arthur Ford. The campaign has been strategically aligned with Arthur Ford’s business model to ensure that the brand and the marketing objectives are met.

“Part of the campaign is to grow brand awareness and awareness for the Arthur Ford perfume variants, but a large part of it is to grow the sales force. The brand provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers wanting to have an additional source of income,” explains Peter Kohlöffel of ProActive™.

The activations are taking place in environments that offer audience frequency and also high dwell times and these include transit hubs such as Train Stations and Taxi Ranks. Activations are providing the opportunity for brand ambassadors to engage with interested consumers so that they understand the brand and buy into the sales model. 

“Gone are the days of activations just being a nice to have or two promoters with a stand. Activations have become an integral part of the overall business model. The aim is to generate sales and make a significant difference to brand affinity and continued sales. A great, well-aligned, professionally implemented activations campaign should do exactly that,” continues Kohlöffel.

Through activations, brands have the opportunity to engage directly with the consumer. Furthermore, they can be implemented in a variety of environments to ensure effective reach and conversion. 

Mike Ford, Director and Co-Founder of Arthur Ford explains that through the campaign, the brand is enjoying significant success.  “In terms of a cohesive marketing approach, we believe that face to face interactions and activations play a key role in creating and increasing awareness of our Arthur Ford business model and product range. The ProActive™ team has been professional, innovative and knowledgeable in terms of target market and engaging with consumers,” he says.

ProActive™ continues to innovate in the activations space, creating brand experiences that combine a variety of technologies and effective out of home platforms. The Arthur Ford campaign messaging is being enhanced through a taxi branding campaign, thus increasing awareness and ensuring that the brand stays top of mind.

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