Friday, 18 November 2016

Pringles harnesses the power of Golf Ads

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Pringles harnesses the power of Golf Ads

To target an upper LSM consumer in an environment with high dwell times and a strong social element, Golf Ads™ has taken Pringles to the green.

From October to December, golfers in Gauteng are being exposed to a variety of clever creative and branding showcasing how Pringles and golf go well together. The messaging has been tailor made for the golf environment, ensuring that it elicits a response and generates high brand recall that positively influences purchasing decision.

With messaging such as “chipping from the rough”, the campaign strategy ensures that brand tone, creative, platform and environment are a seamless fit. Different creative has been placed in specific areas of the golf course, harnessing the environment on a micro level for effective results and return on investment within the bigger campaign structure.

The Pringles campaign incorporates various platforms both on the green and in the clubhouse. Activations, ballwasher branding, Golf TV™ branding and traditional clock branding ensures that the audience engages and experiences the Pringles products.

“The beauty of this campaign is that the creative has been adapted and customised for this environment. The creative is ingenious and features the type of humour that appeals to this consumer, ensuring that the brand is kept top of mind,” explains Simon Turck, MD of Golf Ads™.

Pringles activations will feature on 25 golf courses, providing golfers with the opportunity to sample the various products and engage with the brand ambassadors. Golf course activations add to the success of a campaign, enhancing brand awareness and recall.

Golf Ads™ specialises in out of home marketing in the golfing environment and with 170 of South Africa’s top golf courses in its portfolio, the offering is highly targeted, exciting and effective.

For more information on how to position your brand within a highly desirable, upper LSM golfing community, call Simon Turck of Golf Ads™ on 0861 776 826  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to and follow@ProvantageSA