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Monday, 03 December 2012 18:58

Exposure through online competitions

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The economic recession caused many brands to cut back on their lavish marketing budgets resulting in brand managers and strategists seeking more effective ways to engage with consumers.

Online competitions are not only cost effective but have proven positive results. They are an economical way of generating high volumes of exposure to a product, brand or service. Whereas traditional online competition methods like banner ads just get ignored or over cluttered magazine print  ads get paged over,  "advertisements" in the form of competitions engage a visitor by offering an incentive or a possible prize.

Founder and owner of "Webwin" Donovan Steyl states: "If you are looking for an effective way to market your brand, product or service, running an online competition can be a great way to boost traffic to your website". Being in media and sales, Steyl noticed that many brands were willing to offer trade exchanges for media exposure.

The downside was that media owners were inundated with trade offers and needed cash flow in order to survive. This prompted Steyl to start "Webwin", the apt slogan – "It's a win win situation" was the obvious solution where trades are welcomed, plus people love to win things!

The Goal

When deciding to run a competition one should decide what goal is to be achieved. Competitions are a great way in increase brand identity, generate a lead database, promote a product or service,  increase Facebook likes or twitter followers, maximize your exposure or get customers in store.

The Prize

The bigger the prize, the bigger the level of interest.  A car for example will generate more entries than a weekend away. People will also work harder to enter a competition with bigger rewards on offer, yet no prize goes un-entered. People will enter a competition to win just about anything!

Entry methods

Effective simple methods for entry include becoming a follower on Twitter or liking a Facebook page, or entering details onto a short form. Keep this simple as it would make data tabulation easier for yourself.

Viral Competitions

Viral competitions work best! Here entrants have to refer a friend in order to get additional entries. This is the best way to "Go Big" fast!

Traffic Quality

Entrants come through a variety of competition portals and there is some question over the quality of traffic being delivered with many entrants having little or no interest in the brand.  An opt in for a newsletter on an entry form allows you to filter out interested visitors for future marketing campaigns while building your database at the same time. The T's and C's of most competitions also explain the use of participant information by third parties, for which they could opt out at any time.

If you are thinking of running a competition but aren't sure where to start give Webwin a call. They offer 14 days online exposure FREE and have various competition upgrade options offering wider exposure.

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