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Friday, 20 March 2009 12:39

When free means making your ad spend work harder

{pp}Advertisers are missing a trick if they aren’t considering the benefits of Free-zines in their ad campaigns’ marketing mix. This is according to Dave Mac, the managing editor of BPM Mag and Muse Magazine.

Free-zines, or free distribution publications, offer advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to reach targeted, niche audiences. Free doesn’t mean cheap, low value or poor quality, so free-zines offer advertisers several advantages over other media:

  1. Free-zines neatly bridge the gap between the Internet generation’s expectation for free, quality information; while still harnessing the reading and advertising benefits of a well-produced print publication.
  2. They build a dedicated following thanks to the ultra-niche nature of the content.
  3. The value per reader of any advertising in a Free-zine is higher thanks to the targeted audience.
  4. Free-zines see almost no returned copies – especially in tougher economic times. No cover price means no barrier to entry to your audience.
  5. Because the publications are free they are more likely to be collected in the first place, and then passed on to friends who would be interested.
  6. Free-zines are distributed in specially selected outlets, to ensure maximum reach.
  7. In the current economic climate Free-zines make your ad spend work harder. BPM Mag and Muse Magazine are independent, free distribution publications that are passionate about music, entertainment and lifestyle.

ABOUT BPM MAG AND MUSE MAGAZINE, BPM Mag is South Africa’s top free music publication and has focussed on the dance/electronic music scene for the past seven years. Published bi-monthly, its 14,000 copies are available in over 300 outlets and devoured by over 40,000 dance music enthusiasts – both producers and consumers. Its content includes technical information, music reviews and artist features. Proudly South Africa and a driving influence in growing the SA dance scene, BPM Mag also casts an eye to the rest of the world to pick up on international trends and happenings. Visit: Muse Magazine, BPM Mag’s sister publication, was launched in 2008 to provide dedicated content to followers of rock and pop music, who want an alternative to mainstream, trend driven publications. True to the spirit of BPM Mag, Muse is tech savvy and provides independent and informed information that seeks to educate and entertain. As well as profiling leading international rock outfits, Muse provides a platform for the growth and promotion of local artists. Visit .

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