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Saturday, 16 February 2008 12:41


Written by  kathy schultz

{pp} Networking and empowerment are two of the most important buzzwords of the 21st century.

Put those two powerful initiatives together with the words women and internet, and you have the means to connect and support working women globally.

With this in mind, has been created by women, and for women, as an A-Z online directory for working women to advertise their businesses, products, services, skills and resources.

It also aims to help raise the profile of all working women.

With a strong social content, also aims to encourage women to become involved in and contribute to the welfare of society.

Monthly newletters encourage this awareness, and the site highlights different charities every month. In a rapidly changing world, women are, more than ever before, making financial decisions, creating employment, offering quality services, sharing their skills and resources, supporting families, and building the international economy, from grassroots informal business sectors to the top movers and shakers across the globe – and is a vital link in these processes.

The aim is to connect working women globally, and provide links to a more inclusive, communicative, and supportive women’s' network

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