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{pp}Imagine a city that has peace. One in which everyone is beautiful, in which the streets are spotlessly clean. And, best of all, one in which you can speed without ever running the risk of collecting a speeding fine!
{pp}It’s official, older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser – SA’s under 35s (Generation Y) are more financially savvy than over 50s (Baby Boomers), according to a new survey comparing different generation spending habits.
{pp}Durban-based public relations agency Hunt PR has scored another coup with its appointment as media liaison consultancy for the Nicholas Rey Foundation Trust.
Cartoons and comics are a timeless source of entertainment for almost all people young and old.
Monday, 11 June 2007 15:36

Rival selected to conduct research

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{pp}A leading player in the Telephone Management Systems space has selected Rival Industrial ( to conduct part of their market research.
{pp} In preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2010, leading international brand management and licensing company, Global Brands Group (GBG) has opened an office in Johannesburg. In February 2005, FIFA appointed GBG as both its worldwide exclusive licensing representative and store operator for FIFA branded retail destinations.Additionally, GBG has rights…
{pp}“Beat your bank manager cent-less” is Virgin Money’s new online campaign, incorporating the power of banner adverts, viral marketing, an interactive flash game, and good clean fun.
Friday, 20 April 2007 18:26

Visual Affair launches new product range!

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{pp}As of this week, the dynamic quartet known as Visual Affair has launched a new product range. Famous for their cutting edge use of a digital technology known as Motion Posters Visual Affair are now branching out into Washroom Posters and flyer distributions.
{pp}The blogsite Timbuktu Chronicles, compiled by New York entrepreneur Emeka Ekafor and which is fully dedicated to the African continent, is experiencing numerous hits from South Africa. The blogsite turns out to be an excellent marketing tool for one of the most unusual tourism attractions of this country.
Friday, 13 April 2007 11:20

SilentManager goes to South Africa

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{pp}SilentManager, the UK based ‘Fantasy Sports Game Specialists’ is to embark on bringing Fantasy Sports Games to South Africa. SilentManager, who work with brands such as Vodafone, Wheels24, EA SPORTS, MSN, and Manchester United, to name but a few, are to collaborate with Cape Town based Bright Idea Projects on…
Wednesday, 11 April 2007 13:00

Rival and RemSpecED chosen by top SA Author

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{pp}Rival Industrial and its education arm RemSpecED have been selected by acclaimed educationalist Dr Melodie de Jager to assist in the development of an integrated PR and Marketing campaign. Dr De Jager is the author of the powerful book "Mind Moves: Removing Barriers to Learning" as well as the developer…
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 14:37

eFons Mobile Solutions

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{pp}eFons Mobile Solutions has upgraded its Premium Rate Software to what must be the MOST ADVANCED SOFTWARE in the WORLD. The Software, which was developed in SOUTH AFRICA, has all the RIGHT REQUIRMENTS to make Premium SMS an easy and powerful solution to END Users as well as people looking…

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