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Do you want to open an online shop? Can't find products? Need advertising? There is now a site that offers it all. Big Slick Online Shop and Business solutions will blow you away at what they have to offer. They have just launched their online shop. They sell all their…
Thursday, 18 November 2010 09:53

Screenline Launches New Website

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19 November2010 09h00 CAT - After months of research, planning and development, Screenline is pleased to announce the relaunch of its website, The new website delivers timely, well-organized information to a diverse global audience. It is easier to navigate and allows greater interaction with the public. On the site, users will…
{pp}TunnelFind is a brand new online resource aimed at people wanting to know more about tunnel farming and sustainable, "green" farming. We are offering free listings for anyone who supplies anything to do with tunnels.
{pp}The launches in March of FNB’s PayPal and MWEB’s uncapped service generated a lot of buzz in the industry. But while MWEB’s service is having an important impact, FNB’s PayPal is disappointingly inadequate.
{pp}In a session titled “The Social Media Lens” at next week’s AdExpo, Britefire’s Godfrey Parkin will present a 10 step approach to massively improve the effectiveness of social media marketing.
{pp}Email Marketing is a very effective way to speak directly to your customers and clients, ultimately driving engagement which increases leads and sales. But of course, in order for Email Marketing to be successful, targeted messages need to reach the right people. Part of what makes email marketing unique and…
Friday, 06 November 2009 11:48

Use Google to increase your website’s ROI

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{pp}In May 2009 Google reported 239-million searches per day. How can you ensure that some of that traffic reaches your website? The answer lies in search engine marketing (SEM).
{pp}South African micro entrepreneurs in the communications industry now have an opportunity to fast track their businesses to the next level by entering the McCann Worldgroup SA enterprise development initiative, ‘The Kiln’ which was launched early in October.
{pp}Qeep and ZestADZ have signed an extensive partnership for mobile advertising in South Africa
{pp}Gullan&Gullan collaborated with Touchline Media’s marketing and publicity team to ensure that the launch of the Women’s Health magazine is a success in South Africa.
{pp}ADGist™ measures the effectiveness of print and billboards in a single glance. It’s a more realistic way to test ad effectiveness since most print and billboards get only a single glance when a person is flipping through a magazine or driving on the road. It is often thought that all…
{pp}Paperjet Print - Birthday Printing Special Deals.

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