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Wednesday, 04 March 2009 17:05

Online retail trade takes over in SA

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{pp}With the effects of the economic slump in South Africa still being felt by consumers, getting the best value for money is essential. So what better way to save time and money than to have a comprehensive price comparison website that enables you to accomplish your shopping spree in a…
{pp}Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium recently introduced some quirky new inhabitants to its Sappi River Meander exhibit. A variety of frog species have joined the other thriving inhabitants in the exhibit. The decline in amphibian species is believed to indicate a much broader decline of the environment globally. Sadly, South…
{pp}It’s all system go for the inaugural Gauteng NEPAD Summit, the first of its kind in the country where NEPAD projects implementation are discussed at a sub-national level.
{pp}On the 21st of March, Tourism Radio will be amongst the various sponsors proudly attending a DreamEvent to celebrate the spirit of soccer and present a school with a personalised DreamBag.
{pp}An international study conducted by UCT Graduate School of Business shows that a culture of entrepreneurship is likely to accelerate development within a country. Education is one area that entrepreneurial skills can be acquired most effectively and it is here that TSiBA Education is making ground-breaking success through its Entrepreneurship…
{pp}According to a report by UNESCO, social inequality has a major impact on the kind of schooling children receive in many countries. South Africa faces this same challenge and requires both government and private action in order to answer the need to provide children with equal learning opportunities.
Monday, 02 March 2009 14:40


{pp}In a rapidly changing world, women are, more than ever before, making financial decisions, creating employment, offering quality services, sharing their skills and resources, supporting families, and building the international economy, from grassroots informal business sectors to the top movers and shakers across the globe – and is an…
{pp}Local B&Bs and guest houses don’t usually have access to the same online tools available to large hotel chains, but a new website is trying to change that. The ZissuTravel website provides local establishments with Facebook-inspired pages complete with secure booking and online payment facilities.
{pp}Leading local service provider, Webmail, has announced the success of its new website launch and partnership with Nokia. The Webmail-Nokia partnership sees Webmail becoming the locally hosted mobile email solution exclusively for South Africa. 2008 has not only seen Webmail launch an upgraded version of its website, but has also…
Friday, 27 February 2009 12:47

SA designers empower non-profit campaigns

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{pp}A long-standing Sappi initiative is aimed at empowering non-profit organisations world-wide through print campaigns designed by top designers. By providing the graphic design industry with a platform to showcase programmes that promote social causes, the paper manufacturer aims to make a significant impact on the information we receive globally about…
{pp}Business empowerment is key to sustainable economic growth in South Africa. A 2006 study done on Entrepreneurship in South Africa shows that the country is estimated to have approximately two million small businesses, representing 98% of the total number of firms in the country. Entrepreneurs produce solutions that fly in…
Thursday, 26 February 2009 15:13

Bold Solutions to the Energy Shortage

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{pp}Every South African is aware of the impact which the ongoing power interruptions have had on daily life, international investor perceptions and most pressingly - for the nation as a whole - business productivity. South Africa’s economy has for years been dynamic, thriving and consistently growing. It cannot be allowed…

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