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{pp}Either through ignorance, stupidity or bloody-mindedness, SA drivers continually ignore the lights and sirens of emergency vehicles. Whilst a minute’s patience would cost most drivers nothing, every minute for an emergency vehicle could mean the difference between life and death.
{pp}South Africa’s hospitality industry is likely to experience much improved service levels once minimum wages become law from 1 July this year. In terms of a new determination under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, businesses associated with the hospitality industry will have to pay employees such as waiters as…
Thursday, 28 June 2007 13:47

SA property industry follows global trend

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{pp}Fractional ownership - the new buzz word in property - has made a successful and fast-growing entry into the South Africa market, following the recent worldwide trend.
{pp}The much awaited Cool-Runnings toboggan track opens on Saturday 30 June 2007 on the hillside opposite the Bellville Velodrome, in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. All rides are FREE on this day 9am-6pm (weather permitting).
{pp}After weeks of intense deliberation, South Africa’s top 100 brightest young students were announced this week by non-profit initiative Brightest Young Minds (BYM). This year’s chosen delegates are to attend a life-changing 7-day conference in Johannesburg. The much anticipated event is aimed at connecting these future SA leaders with each…
{pp}Always in the forefront when it comes to ingenuity and innovation, Uwe Koetter Jewellers have just announced a 2010 Soccer World Cup competition, inviting any South African to design a ring, a bracelet or a pendant for the winning 2010 Soccer World Cup team. The creator of the winning design…
Thursday, 28 June 2007 13:25

Learning to teach in South Africa

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{pp}No one doubts that teaching is at the heart of education and schooling. And yet, argues author and educationist Wally Morrow, in the policies and plans which are shaping the transformation of education in South Africa, we think very little about teaching.
Thursday, 28 June 2007 12:28

Whet your appetite this winter

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{pp}CAPE TOWN’S NEW SENSUALITY EMPORIUM ‘WHET’ Cape Town is coming of age, sexually speaking, with a new sensuality emporium named Whet (as in “to whet your appetite”) at The Square in Buitenkant Street. This is no sleazy sex shop where women feel alienated and embarrassed to go inside. This is…
Cartoons and comics are a timeless source of entertainment for almost all people young and old.
{pp}Viewed with some trepidation by credit providers, the National Credit Act (NCA) becomes law on the 1st of June this year. The Act is multi-faceted and as with most other interventional Acts has its pluses and minuses.
{pp}Keeping labour costs down has often been the mantra of large corporates reliant on blue collar workers to bring in their profits. For many years prior to 1994, manual and blue collar workers were denied the rights that many others took for granted. Medical Aid was rarely factored in to…
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 15:12

Online Marketing for the estate agent

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{pp}If you are making a living as an estate agent you can be proud to be one of a few of the elite in a very challenging industry. It is no secret that only the best succeed in this very challenging industry.

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