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{pp}Tougher economic times are forcing companies to review costs at every turn, and many have been looking at easy ways to decrease their energy bills, usually a certain way to reduce costs before having to consider retrenchments. National parking group, King Parking, has seen a 50% decrease at their latest…
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 18:45

SA tour guides gear up ahead of 2010

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{pp}With a mere 473 days to go until the World Cup Soccer hits out streets, tour guides the country over came together to celebrate professionalism in the tourism industry. Together with the the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) and the Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) tour guides in Gauteng…
{pp}Due for its South African launch in February 2009, the MPro110 is set to change the face of business presentations by reducing the amount of materials and equipment needed to present and project. Slightly bigger than an average mobile phone, the Micro Professional Projector can be quickly and easily connected…
{pp}The unquestionable success of social networking is something business people have been looking to tap into for some time. Now Virtual Works has developed a solution sponsored by Databuild, which is set to change the way the building industry communicates.
{pp}Maya’s Kitchen Celebrates over 11 years of Proudly South African ServiceCelebrity Chefs add a twist of their own flavours to leading purveyor of specialist kitchenware - Maya’s Kitchen
{pp}Revamped ABSA Centre launched to property industry today. 19 February 2008 – Urban regeneration in Cape Town received a boost today with the launch of the new look ABSA Centre at 2 Riebeek Street to the property broker community.
{pp}Are you aware that national and international regulations require that the drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods have documentation outlining the hazards and precautions for the goods in the load that they are transporting? Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs) fill this requirement. The requirements for TRECs are outlined in SABS Standard…
{pp}With the current economic situation, one of the South African "luxuries" that many of us might need to do without is the full-time maid. And it's long overdue - doing chores is a way for children to feel useful, responsible and self-sufficient.
{pp}This course is for anyone who has ever wanted to earn their living through writing or wants to simply improve their skills. This course will give you the tools to write newspaper and magazine articles, press releases and edit copy.
{pp}Antiperspirant from Somerset West stops inconvenient sweat stains. Excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, is harmless to your health when there is no pre-existing illness. But it considerably affects those who suffer from it. Clammy hands, beads of perspiration on the forehead or stains under the arms are commonly accepted as signs of…
{pp}Social media has been around for a while yet not many companies in South Africa have realised its potential. “Social media is a powerful platform and can create great awareness, but in order to achieve maximum exposure, it is important to utilise a multi-channel approach” says Christine da Silva, Founder…
Thursday, 12 February 2009 21:08

Advertising & Marketing Trends for 2009

{pp}It's human nature to avoid confronting bad news and to imagine that today's troubles will pass more quickly and easily than they really will. I recommend that in terms of marketing, assume the opposite: business conditions will be worse than you actually expect.

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