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Wednesday, 15 April 2009 01:18

Canterbury re-takes the field

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{pp}The SA sporting fraternity is breathing a collective sigh of relief after the announcement that the Canterbury brand will continue to be available in South Africa. The Canterbury distribution rights, previously held by Canterbury International SA, have now being granted to prominent local sporting equipment business, Super-Brands (Pty) Ltd.
{pp}Malware writers have created a malicious program exploiting unpatched vulnerability in some versions of MS Excel and South Africans are being warned to open files with caution.
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 01:06

Will Manuel’s billions improve our education?

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{pp}R140.4 billion has been allocated to the South African education sector. The impressive amount was announced by the minister of finance, Trevor Manuel, in his 2009 budget speech a few weeks back. Meanwhile ANC president, Jacob Zuma, has assured crowds of the Government’s priority to transform the education sector over…
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 20:50

Security & Business Opportunity

{pp}The police have often said that they need the help of communities all over South Africa. They are calling on our help to make this beautiful country of ours, a better place to live for us and our children. Never before in South Africa has there been the launch of…
Thursday, 09 April 2009 18:18


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{pp}The buzz words are repeated hypnotically from morning to night in every form of media there is. Radio, TV, Newspapers and Magazines are saying the same things over and over. Words like economic crisis, global economic meltdown, and financial crisis are filling the air. A few days ago on the…
{pp}With Sandton at the heart of the commercial hub of Africa, a conference venue that caters effectively to the requirements of business events is a real boon to companies. The new Holiday Inn Sandton offers stylish facilities for small and medium events – right in the heart of it all.
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 15:37

UCDP Launch new website

{pp}The United Christian Democratic Party are proud to announce the launch a new party website aimed at improving communication between the Party leadership and the general public at large.
{pp}Marcel Oudejans: Magician, Infotainer, & Vice President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) in Cape Town, is hosting his premier seminar, ”The Magic Experience: De-Mystifying Marketing for Entrepreneurs”. The two-day seminar will be held on 9 and 10 May at the exclusive Hôtel La Vendôme in London…
{pp}One thing is for sure – we are really spoilt for choice in the Western Cape when it comes to leisure time. And, with four public holidays, not a single five-day working week, and school holidays this month, now is the perfect chance to make the most of everything right…
{pp}Fancy trying your hand at blogging? Bundublog will make it worth your while with a R1000 cash prize for the best new blogger on the platform in April.
{pp}“Entrepreneurship means growth; in the case of JHI it has meant aggressive growth. It has been my objective throughout my career to seek out opportunities and turn them into concepts that can be implemented.” Commented Marna van der Walt, CEO of JHI, during a discussion regarding entrepreneurship and its importance…
{pp}Further to a press release dated April 6 2009 - JUNIOR DIAMOND MINER READY TO BENEFIT FROM NEW INVESTOR INCENTIVES (the press release), it was noted that some media commentators incorrectly interpreted the intention of the press release.The press release relates to an initiative by the Minister of Finance the…

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