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Tuesday, 23 January 2007 09:03

Nominate your Manufacturing Professional for 2007

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{pp}Every operation and factory has them - Those consummate professionals who ensure your operations run SAFELY and SMARTLY. We are not talking about the local IT "Wally" who is constantly bringing in new software programs just to fill his job description - we're talking an out and out professional who…
{pp}WinWedge easily collects data from devices such as laboratory instruments, balances, pH meters, analyzers, micrometers, meters, sensors, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, and other serial output devices, into any Windows application.
{pp}Trafficonomy Online Gaming Agency is a global new media consultancy specialising in the provision of innovative online gaming and eMarketing solutions. This recent addition to the Maxum Business Incubator boasts a complement of specialist skills ranging from custom game development and advertising solutions focusing on gaming related marketing to Search…
{pp}Paula Barnards' Remedial & Special Education Portal ( has expanded its range of Educational Products to incorporate Therapy Equipment.
{pp}E-business consulting and training firm Britefire Pty Ltd is rolling out a series of low-cost high-value e-business and e-marketing seminars under their “Be Brilliant @” brand to help South Africa’s small/medium companies and entrepreneurs succeed in building internet-based businesses.
{pp}Life in the South Durban Basin is not easy. In this heavily industrialised area that has been gripped by recession for several years now, unemployment is high and daily life a struggle for most. But the communities of South Durban do not take this lying down.
Wednesday, 17 January 2007 10:32

Intrepid explorers launch online wine boutique

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{pp}Twenty-six centuries ago, the Greeks brought the art of winemaking to the shores of France. Yet Dutch colonialists only introduced viniculture to South Africa in the late seventeenth century. Today, Jonathan and Leslie Maliepaard offer a broad selection of the finest local vintages via their newly-launched online wine store.
{pp}Developing sustainable programs, aimed at providing shelter for abused, traumatized and homeless women and their children is the focus of Usindiso Ministries in downtown Johannesburg.National Women's Day in South Africa commemorates the national march of women in 1956 to petition against legislation that required African persons to carry the "pass",…
Tuesday, 16 January 2007 17:02

Addiction: Become Part of the Solution

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{pp}A number of shocking articles have recently been written regarding the epidemic of addiction in Cape Town and the rest of the country.A recent article published on the front page of the Weekend Argus, January 13/14 2007, highlights the devastating and life-long effects of tik on babies who are born…
{pp}Trafficonomy, the South African owned online gaming company that provides free and skill games to large gaming communities in South Africa and abroad, has achieved some important new milestones in its continued rise to prominence in the South African and international online gaming industry.
Sunday, 14 January 2007 16:17

Information Briefing for Education Publication

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{pp}RemSpecED will be holding an information briefing to outline the launch of the RemSpecED print publication in February 2007. An invitation has been extended to Brand Managers, Therapists and a mixture of Marketing and Medical Professionals.
{pp}Since going 'live' in September last year, we have been pleased by the amount of travel and tourism related websites that have been added to our South Africa travel directory.

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