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Sappi Forests’ comment on fires in KwaZulu Natal Midlands

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{pp}During extreme weather conditions experienced in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands near Howick on Monday 25 June 2007, several runaway veld fires caused extensive fire damage to the property of Sappi Forests and other land owners in the area.
{pp}Retail price management, or price-fixing as it more commonly known, is rife in South Africa. Large department stores are effectively controlling not only the price of fine perfumes, but where you can actually purchase them.
{pp}Southern Sun officially launched The InterContinental Sandton Towers Johannesburg on July 1, 2007 as an individual InterContinental branded hotel. This hotel along with the sumptuous new look Sandton Sun and the picturesque Palazzo Montecasino form part of an extensive re-branding and modernisation programme that commenced in 2005, with the ultimate…
{pp}Southern Sun officially launched the re-named Palazzo Montecasino on July 1, 2007. This hotel along with the sumptuous new look Sandton Sun and The InterContinental Sandton Towers Johannesburg form part of an extensive re-branding and modernisation programme that commenced in 2005, with the ultimate aim of owning brands rather than…
{pp}Radio Pulpit has been broadcasting the past 25 years and for people who are not listeners, the station has always been a bit of a mystery. A Christian radio station? That caters for all cultures and Christian denominations in SA?
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 10:32

Online video channel for arts festival

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{pp}South African video sharing website has teamed up with Grocott's Online and Cue – the official National Arts Festival newspaper, now in its 20th year – to launch an online video channel covering the annual arts festival, which kicked off on 28 June 2007 and runs until 7 July.
{pp}Many of us who start a home business do so while we are still working in another job. Our jobs provide us with a risk-free income, covering living expenses and, if we're lucky, for funding at least a portion of our business start-up costs.
{pp}The Joomla! Southern African Portal are hosting a Joomla! Day South Africa event in Johannesburg on the 14th July 2007. Again we will be discussing all things Joomla! related and this gives you a chance to share your views and ask questions about Joomla!.What is Joomla! Day South Africa?A gathering…
{pp}Durban-based public relations agency Hunt PR has scored another coup with its appointment as media liaison consultancy for the Nicholas Rey Foundation Trust.
{pp}The tourist season is upon us and local restaurants are gearing up to provide international quality fare to the expected discerning hordes. However, there are few restaurants that offer a truly African experience, one that entertains, informs and sates all at the same time, in perfect harmony. moyo is as…
{pp}Either through ignorance, stupidity or bloody-mindedness, SA drivers continually ignore the lights and sirens of emergency vehicles. Whilst a minute’s patience would cost most drivers nothing, every minute for an emergency vehicle could mean the difference between life and death.
{pp}South Africa’s hospitality industry is likely to experience much improved service levels once minimum wages become law from 1 July this year. In terms of a new determination under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, businesses associated with the hospitality industry will have to pay employees such as waiters as…

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