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{pp}COOK FOR PEACE, SUNDAY 16 MARCH 2008CayleeTalpert of SAUJS and Waleed Majiet Al-Yamani of the Centre for Islamic Studies, University of JHB currently studying for his Masters in Islamic Studies, were the initiators of the Cook for Peace Project. They met last year at a function hosted by the Desmond…
{pp}Afrikaans rock outfit, Beeskraal, today announced that they will make available all of their back catalogue and upcoming album on MXit's new MXit Music offering.
{pp}The National Lucerne Organization have just announced the establishment of the first online lucerne hay trading facility for South Africa. For the first time now, lucerne hay producers will be able to sell lucerne hay lots through the NLO’s online website trading facility on an auction basis.
Monday, 10 March 2008 13:22

Workshop on writing for the media

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{pp}For those of you who have tried, generally in vain, to get your company’s name in the newspapers or on TV or radio, there’s some good news for you.Well known journalist and media consultant Marion Scher will be running a one day workshop on public relations writing skills on Wednesday…
Sunday, 09 March 2008 13:52

Industrial Marketing Workshop

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{pp}South Africa has a strong Mining and Manufacturing community. This results in a vibrant and competitive supplier market. Effectively marketing to these communities requires a specific skills set and conducting marketing research to reach your goals.
{pp}With the growth of the Internet and subsequent growth in doing business via the Internet, domain names are becoming increasingly important for the business- and trademark owner.
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 15:37

2010 Target: Service Excellence in SA

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{pp}2010 Target: Service Excellence in SA Challenge presented to consumers to speak up and businesses to respond -  Is South Africa ready to welcome the world? Not yet, according to the country’s leading consumer affairs portal. According to a survey of 6 000 South Africans that assessed twelve industry sectors…
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 12:06

Public Relations Writing Skills Course

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{pp}This is a practical, one day workshop taking place on Wednesday 2nd April that will involve turning press releases/statements/brochures and lengthy information into news articles.The Public Relations Writing Skills Course is aimed at those working in the public relations or communications fields, who have to produce press releases/news releases on…
{pp}In the wake of South Africa’s power crisis there is light at the end of the tunnel. Leading Gauteng Developer Calgro M3 have been pro-active and are busy developing the first truly energy efficient residential developments in Honeydew Manor, namely Parkview and Westwood.“Businesses have a responsibility towards the sustainability of…
{pp}Toward the end of last year we kicked around the idea of presenting 2 small business workshops. We’d love your feedback on the concepts for the development of SME's and young entrepreneurs.Small Business Toolbox for young entrepreneurs – Workshop 1 We are looking to hold a workshop specifically aimed at…
Monday, 03 March 2008 10:24

Say For Me

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{pp}34 Long hosts the first Cape Town solo show of paintings by Asha Zero, a young South African artist whose work is now entering the international art circuit. 11 March 19h00 to 12 April 2008.
Saturday, 01 March 2008 17:30

Jonathan Basckin photography at The Book Lounge

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{pp} Book Launch - 'Abstract by Nature' by Jonathan Basckin at The Book Lounge Wednesday March 19th 2008 6 for 6.30pm The Book Lounge is delighted to be hosting the exclusive launch of a book of extraordinary aerial photographs of the Western Cape.The book is called Abstract By Nature, by…

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