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{pp}Today’s workforce and environment demands far more from their protective footwear than ever before; wanting extreme comfort from safety shoes that look good, while keeping them safe at the same time.At the workplace or on the move, Rebel Footwear ensures the essential combinations of quality, styling and safety.
Monday, 20 October 2008 12:20

Men dominate online lingerie sales

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{pp}Online lingerie shop reports that a significant proportion of its customers are men. Online lingerie shop ThingAmaThing reports that men account for more than 50% of its lingerie orders, despite selling a product traditionally worn by women.
Monday, 20 October 2008 11:28

Rebel ThermoTrak - Heat Resistant Footwear

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{pp}If you're looking for a range of safety footwear that can handle the heat, Rebel ThermoTrak is the answer.
{pp}The use of speech analytics in a contact centre environment is fairly widespread, but its use in a post-call survey is a new application with important benefits for companies wanting to raise the bar in customer service.
{pp}Downloadable, customisable, print-on-demand soft skills training material that enables trainers, coaches and mentors to focus on what they do best – coach, train and mentor! Traditionally trainers had to either find the time to develop their own material or purchase books and workbooks. With Custom Courses Soft Skills Courseware, all…
Voted “The world’s most unspoilt destination” in 2004 by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Norway remains one of the great natural wonders of the world. Norway is a land of sublime natural beauty. Along its long, lonely coast – still the true heart of the country – waterfalls plunge into…
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 15:26

Join the Plain Language Movement

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{pp}As early as 1945 people started to realise that in order to write effectively and get their message across they needed to write in language that everyone could understand.
{pp}A new South African Online Gambling portal launched their innovative and informative website showcasing the most reputable South African Online Gambling destinations.
Monday, 13 October 2008 17:02

Recession opens up new doors for Rocketseed SA

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{pp}At a time when almost everybody is cutting back on spending, Rocketseed has aggressively been growing its distribution footprint in Southern Africa and some key international markets. Since the start of September 2008, Rocketseed has entered into new distribution agreements with partners in the US, UK and the Gulf, whilst…
Thursday, 09 October 2008 10:28

Save Electricity, Time and Money with Diskeeper!

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{pp}With South Africa scrambling to cut down on energy usage and save on costs in this time of extreme power shortages, it is good to know you can save electricity just by installing some software on your computer.
Wednesday, 08 October 2008 12:24

JD Group selects ACET Processing

{pp}JD Group Limited (JD Group), one of Africa’s leading mass market retailers, has partnered with ACET Processing for the provision of outsourced consumer finance solutions.
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 17:01

Heroin used to attract gamblers

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{pp}The Addiction Action Campaign announced today that it had discovered a website domain, namely, was being used to divert people seeking information on heroin to

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