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Thursday, 21 May 2009 16:51

South Africa faces major debt crunch!

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{pp}According to Statistics South Africa the number of civil summonses for debt for the first quarter of 2009 has increased by 22.1% compared with the first quarter of 2008.
{pp}Aaron Motsoaledi is President Jacob Zuma’s choice for new Health minister – he has one of the most important and complex tasks in government.Globally the three biggest issues facing the world are the financial crisis, global warming and health. More drug resistant diseases are emerging along with dangerous viruses. Rapidly…
Wednesday, 20 May 2009 11:02

Win a week end away worth R 10 000 - SA M en and POWA

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{pp}Win 1 of 2 weekend away trips worth R 10 000 each - SA Men and POWA
{pp}Qatar Airways has become the first and only Middle East carrier to join the Aviation Global Deal (AGD) Group, an industry-wide body aimed at helping develop a global policy for tackling aviation emissions.
{pp}South Africa’s new cabinet has a powerful section of top trade unionists who are likely to reverse government’s controversial GEAR strategy and focus on greater worker rights and development for the poor.Key former unionists include Deputy President - Kgalema Motlanthe (National Union of Mineworkers) ; Minister of Economic Development -…
{pp}Reserve bank governor Tito Mboweni is among those starting to accuse banks of starting to throttle the economy as they hold on to credit and aggressively pursue the indebted. The property market is starting to collapse as one example of banks not issuing loans: estate agents say sales are down…
{pp}Newly qualified doctors will take 12 years to pay off tuition fees at current interest rates and some rural doctors not charging all patients.South Africa, already plagued with a medical brain drain, is starting to see doctors battle with cash flow as indebted consumers abandon medical aids, ‘buy-down’ to cheaper…
{pp}Diskeeper Corporation has announced that it has reach the 35million licences sold milestone.
{pp}Vanessa Clark, consultant at Twokats Communications,, looks at the specific challenges and opportunities when marketing a small or medium-sized business.
{pp}Electronic switching and cellphones are helping to boost medical savings and give doctors reasons to stay in South AfricaA world first medical payment system saved South Africa’s medical aids, private hospitals and doctors more than half a billion rand last year. It has accelerated hospital check-ins, created the technology to…
{pp}Reducing the energy consumed by computer information systems, is set to become a major priority for South African business this year, with a proposed 34% rate increase by Eskom, and the possible introduction of tariff-based penalties and government regulation. Userful Multiplier is a software product that will address this problem…
{pp}The Green Building Conference and Exhibition will again welcome property owners, regulators, built environment professionals, academics and representatives from all facets of the construction industry as delegates to the conference and visitors to the exhibition, which will open to all consumers for the full two days.

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