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Thursday, 22 May 2008 10:16

A Big Fat Laugh

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{pp}A must in your social calendar this year is “Mel Miller’s Big Fat Comedy Show!”. The comedy event of the year, set to happen at the majestic Teatro at Montecasino during the second week of June.
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 23:24

Do YOU have the courage to be inspired ?

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{pp}Have you ever had an idea, that you thought was brilliant ? but never took action ‘cos someone said it would not work. Only to discover someone else had the same idea, ran with it and now is able to take holidays to the moon for fun. Does this sound…
{pp}Sinzinani Day Spa forms part of the Rietvlei Wellness Centre on Rietvlei Zoo Farm, South of Johannesburg. Our beauty therapists dress in African designed uniforms, and the Sinzanani colours of burnt orange, red and yellow, display a warm African feel throughout the day.
{pp}Research launched to assess how men feel about fertility has shown that men in the UK feel ill informed and therefore have a number of misunderstandings and concerns. 86 percent of men stated that whilst women receive plenty of information about their fertility, there is little for men. The study…
{pp}This Poverty Relief Programme will empower the youth to foster self-reliance and become self-sustainable through provision of economic empowerment & vocational skills.The project is funded by a $50,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of South Africa.Small Business Skills provide the youth with Life Skills, Job Hunting Skills, Basic Computer…
{pp}BP has renewed its contract with black-empowerment company, Joint Venture Pump Services (JVPS), to continue servicing the pumps at its service stations for a further three years.
Monday, 19 May 2008 11:34

3D Printing - A Relatively New Technology in SA

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{pp}3D printing is a relatively new technology here in South Africa. Simply put, it’s a physical version of a CAD file – thin slices built one on top of the other using various processes.
Monday, 19 May 2008 08:49

HolisticTherapy Fact or Farce

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{pp}Following the recent insert from Carte Blanche on meditation in the workplace, many people have contacted me in this regard. We are all living in a stressed society, as a Reiki practitioner many people come to me for exactly this to unwind and destress. So I have made a decison…
{pp}Voices for Christ, an all women’s Gospel singing group consisting of six members, have released their debut Gospel album titled “Above All”. The album consist of fifteen tracks with a wide variety of songs ranging from quartet A Capella, duets, trio’s, to the full group singing in harmony. The album…
{pp}An American company, 3VR Security, who has received a string of accolades since 2005 for developing a new security solution has appointed Pansolutions (Pty) Ltd or better known as Panasonic Business Systems, as their partner for Southern Africa.
{pp}A laughter revolution that is sweeping the world comes to Cape Town next week. International laughter coach and teacher Bill Gee will visit Cape Town for a public laughter workshop and laughter training course.
{pp}AA Autobay, the safe way to buy or sell a second hand car, enables consumers to reap the benefits of the private car market by providing a risk and hassle free environment.

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