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Tuesday, 17 October 2006 23:37

Desert Iris to bloom

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[] Following the global alliance announcement between the Paramount Group and Mahindra Defence Systems, comes the news that the alliance partners have teamed up with the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) in Jordan to develop a highly mobile light strike vehicle, based on the highly successful Black…
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 23:35

Eye in the sky gets high tech

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[] Denel and the Paramount Group have announced that they have reached an in- principle agreement that the Goshawk 350 Optronic Observation System will be offered as an option on the Paramount SEEKER manned aerial observation platform.
[] The Paramount Group and Mahindra Defence Systems of India sign an exclusive global alliance agreement to develop and market defence solutions internationally.
[] The Paramount Group has been appointed by Seabird Aviation Jordan to be the exclusive distributor for the SEEKER SB7 aerial observation platform in Western, Eastern, Southern and Central Africa, and to the Central Asian Republics.
Tuesday, 17 October 2006 16:39

Robert Hodgins – From private collections

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[] 34 Long is hosting an exhibition of recent and not-so-recent works by much loved South African artist Robert Hodgins. 24 October to 4 November 2006. The show has been brought together from various private collections.
Monday, 16 October 2006 13:18

KRAZYBOYZ launch the Espresso Concepts web site

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[] Are you passionate about making great coffee and watching your friends' gasps of satisfaction every time they taste the perfect cup? Then KRAZYBOYZ has just launched the web site for you - Espresso Concepts...
Monday, 16 October 2006 13:15

New online bond calculator empowers SA consumers

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[] Signing up for a homeloan is a scary step in any consumer's life, particularly when the interest rate suddenly hikes - as it is expected to do by half a percent rise this week. However, a new bond calculator tool from leading finance portal,, will help make managing…
Monday, 16 October 2006 12:59

Businesses benefiting from Coffee Couture

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[] In today’s intensively competitive business environment, it is often difficult for clients to tell the difference between the skills and service offerings of competing firms. It is here that first impressions count, and modern companies are always looking for small ways to make the difference to meetings with prospective…
[] Scientists generally believe that Africa is the cradle of mankind. But where and when did human language originate and evolve? There is wide support for the view that also language emerged first in Africa. The merits and limitations of this view will be reassessed at a multidisciplinary, international conference…
Monday, 16 October 2006 11:00

New Cape Town Villas site launches

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[] is pleased to announce the release of its redesigned Cape Town Villas website, which provides a full service for hassle-free self catering accommodation in Cape Town.
Friday, 13 October 2006 14:56

VoIP365 - Converged VOIP

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[] Aquanox Solutions has recently launched their South African targeted website The intention of VOIP365 is to rate all international VoIP hardware, software and service providers and in doing so also allow the online community to review and comment on their experiences with certain providers.
[] The travel and tourism industry in South Africa is an exciting place to be at the moment. The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism recently announced the results of the latest tourism review and once again South Africa emerged as a star performer. With just over 2.7 million arrivals…

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