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{pp}Financial difficulties placing significant stresses on families as debt-burden increases.South Africa’s debt counsellors are increasingly referring couples to marriage counselling too, as high debt burdens lead to couples fighting and divorcing.“We have wives asking that we don’t tell their husbands how badly in debt they are, or vice versa. We…
{pp}Developing countries could face a financing gap of $270-billion to $700-billion this year as trade income dwindles and rich nations vie for capital the World Bank said in a paper produced for the meeting of G20 nations in London in April. South Africa could be hard hit as it sees…
Monday, 04 May 2009 16:20

SA Men 1st Birthday

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{pp}SA Men, the essential online lifestyle magazine for men in SA celebrated their 1st Birthday on 4 May 2009
{pp}South Africa’s largest debt counselling organisation has a range of mostly free solutions to help SA’s 6 million seriously indebted people
{pp}disaster management critical to prevent corporate secrets being lost
{pp}Qatar Airways has initiated a number of measures over heightened global health concerns amid the recent outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) swine flu virus in Mexico.
{pp} - South Africa’s first million rand homepage was launched 1 May 2009 and is expected to be one of the largest, single page advertising portals in South Africa.
{pp}South Africa’s top debt counsellor organisation gives advice on cutting back on debt
Friday, 01 May 2009 10:47

Layoffs carry the risk of destroying companies

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{pp}50-million people globally will lose jobs this year - 200 000 could be retrenched in SA – but job-cuts could impede economic recovery
{pp}ways being sought to ensure faster and better treatment at government hospitals in partnership with private sector
Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:08

Shopping from ads using your cellphone - SA world first

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{pp}700m consumers will soon use their phones to shop globally
{pp}South Africa could create jobs and boost businesses by entering $56bn software and systems testing market.

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