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{pp}Saturday, 10 February, saw the International Launch of a new public access computer centre in Austerville. The One Global Economy Durban South Community Computer Centre will offer free Internet access as well as assistance with basic software. The Beehive, an information portal specially developed for the centre, provides the community…
{pp}One Global Economy has launched its first South African Information Portal, The Durban Beehive. This comprehensive portal provides vital information on Health, Money, Government, Law, Housing, Jobs and more, designed to provide low-income communities with the help they need to create a better life.
{pp}Thanks to more affordable travel, improving political conditions, and widening media coverage, South Africa Africa is becoming the new "hot spot" for tourists from North America, Europe, and Asia. Chief among South Africa's most popular vacation destinations is South Africa's Cape Town.
{pp}Sylvean Biotech Director for Legal Affairs, Donrich Jordaan, recently submitted a position paper on the legal implications, globally, of stem-cell research to the Department of Health in Pretoria, with concrete policy recommendations on specific criteria and regulatory structures for such research in this country.
Friday, 09 February 2007 18:01

Wacky storytelling competition in maze

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{pp}The story teller who tells the best story about The Dutchman with bicycle in maze wins a bottle of Bon Cap wines (of organically grown grapes). This is one of the many highligths which are taking place during the Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson the first weekend of June.
Friday, 09 February 2007 17:50

Twogether and Instorage

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{pp}Twogether - 6 Feb to 3 March 2007, downstairs at 34 Long.The mix of artists on 34 Long’s present show, Twogether, has proved popular and so its run has been extended, with some exciting variations.
{pp}Every once in a while there comes a singer who makes you want to sit up and listen. One such singer is Netsayi. Described by the U.K. Observer Music Monthly as “Brave enough to stand alone and be counted”, by Time Out as “Remarkable” The London-based Zimbabwean singer, songwriter, mbira…
{pp}Today DOW Networks and Cofesa have announced a joint marketing agreement whereby DOW Networks will be offering Voice over IP services to the Cofesa membership base. “We look at this as a value-added offering to our current members who can save money on international calls”, said Cofesa Marketing MD, Bernard…
{pp}Arrival Of Leading International Property Giant Villa Tritonia aims to boost local Property Developmentand Investment with the establishment of 50 Regional Agencies Villa Tritonia offers deserving Estate Agencies in South Africa a unique opportunity to cash in on the vibrant and ever increasing property market, both locally and internationally.
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 22:07

Insurance Times & Investments goes monthly

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{pp}Insurance Times & Investments, up until recently a bi-monthly publication, will be published on a monthly basis from February 2007
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 09:03

Nominate your Manufacturing Professional for 2007

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{pp}Every operation and factory has them - Those consummate professionals who ensure your operations run SAFELY and SMARTLY. We are not talking about the local IT "Wally" who is constantly bringing in new software programs just to fill his job description - we're talking an out and out professional who…
{pp}WinWedge easily collects data from devices such as laboratory instruments, balances, pH meters, analyzers, micrometers, meters, sensors, bar code scanners, GPS receivers, and other serial output devices, into any Windows application.

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