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Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:43

Qatar Airways’ safety standards applauded by IATA

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{pp}Airline Awarded By Top Global Aviation Body For Outstanding Achievement In Operational Safety Audit.
{pp}Announcement Follows Order Of Narrow Body Aircraft. Qatar Airways recently confirmed an order with International Aero Engines to power 24 new Airbus A320 family of aircraft. The airline has selected IAE’s V2500 SelectOne engines for twenty A320s and four A321s with the business valued at more than US$700 million at…
{pp}This is not a swear word, but the latest jargon in the industry since the implementation of the National Credit Act in June 2007. However, if you’re not au fait with how this is determined, you probably won’t be able to position your application in such a way that you…
{pp}Treat the customer well if you want to be a billionaireFor many of us the worst wars we will ever endure are getting past the warriors, thinly disguised as switchboard, reception or frontline staff.When we take out a contract with a company we are often assured that they are there…
{pp}Many debt collection agencies and lawyers are relying on employer ignorance of garnishee orders by charging excessive fees. They are also delivering documents that look like court orders – but aren’t – to ensure money gets deducted off employee salaries to pay off debt.And now two major companies assisting companies…
{pp}Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has recently commissioned “The Workplace” and “Matrix…cc” to do an inventory of the Metropole’s Heritage treasures. This project is in line with the National Heritage Resources Act of 1999 and includes:A Heritage ExhibitionThe digitising of various Heritage information in the NMBM LibrariesCreating a database of…
Monday, 15 June 2009 17:32

Is your business IT ready for the 2010 world cup?

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{pp}Velisa Agencies is gearing up to educate businesses about how Diskeeper can make their business processes run smoothly for the 2010 world
Monday, 15 June 2009 16:27

The MBA for Office Professionals

{pp}Ultimate intervention for high performance office professionals in the New Millennium!
{pp}“It Takes All Types” according to World Blood Donor DayMillions of people around the world owe their lives to individuals they will never meet - people who donate their blood to help others. But South African volunteer crew members on a Mercy Ship live and work just minutes away from…
{pp}The Tufin Open Platform is an industry-wide alliance of leading security and networking vendors, as well as an open, multi-vendor Security Lifecycle Management platform.
{pp}Large commercial banks are throttling the economy while the housing market threatens to collapse and millions of consumers are in debt, debt counsellors Consumer Assist said today."Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni is among those starting to accuse banks of starting to throttle the economy as they hold on to credit…
{pp}Job losses and staff fears are boiling over with record numbers of complaints to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). In April, the CCMA received 11 560 new cases with 83% citing unfair dismissal.The top three regions for complaints were Johannesburg (3 129 cases); Western Cape (1 706)…

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