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Bittersweet is set in the 1860’s and revolves around the lives of four indentured Indian labourers, a woman and the Sardar(Indian Supervisor). The protagonists include Murugas and Appia; two brothers from South India, who are transplanted to Africa. The younger brother, Appia still keenly feels the injustices of life as…
{pp}TunnelFind is a brand new online resource aimed at people wanting to know more about tunnel farming and sustainable, "green" farming. We are offering free listings for anyone who supplies anything to do with tunnels.
Thursday, 22 April 2010 18:47

Good News (MWEB Uncapped) and Bad News (FNB’s PayPal)

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{pp}The launches in March of FNB’s PayPal and MWEB’s uncapped service generated a lot of buzz in the industry. But while MWEB’s service is having an important impact, FNB’s PayPal is disappointingly inadequate.
{pp}Tunnel farming is a great way to maximize agricultural produce within tight space requirements. Traditionally, tunnel farming has been kept in the shade in terms of public knowledge. Today we introduce a comprehensive website portal where you can find out all you need to know about tunnel farming from the…
{pp}The South African consumer continues to seek out short-term personal loans to try and keep their heads above water, but there are signs that interest rate cuts are starting to take effect.
Friday, 16 April 2010 01:34

Medifest South Africa 2010

{pp}Friday. Vantage Trade Fairs organizers for Medifest South Africa and Medifest India Premier Medical & Healthcare Summit , provides superior services for organizing & managing the promotion and marketing tasks for a variety of trade shows both domestic as well as international.
{pp}The Tua Viso popular with celebs such as Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne, launches in South Africa. This appliance of science can be used at home. The Tua Viso non-surgical face lifting machine traditionallyfound in hi-tech beauty salons is now available in a hand held version for home use.
{pp}This winter, purchase affordable, high-quality ladies clothing from your nearest Ackermans outlet. Turning heads in the season's must-have apparel and footwear has never been easier or more affordable.
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 13:51

Ackermans Launches a Mobi Site

{pp}Access Ackermans' latest info directly from your mobile phone! Ackermans customers can now access useful information about the retailer's products and specials directly via their mobile phones, using the new Ackermans mobi site. Thanks to this mobile, multi-purpose site, South Africa's price-leading retailer can advertise its latest products and specials…
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 01:29

First ever composite LPG Cylinders launched in SA!

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{pp}The future in LPG cylinders has finally arrived... The all new and innovative "Ragasco" Composite LPG Cylinders are now available for the first time in SA!
{pp}In a session titled “The Social Media Lens” at next week’s AdExpo, Britefire’s Godfrey Parkin will present a 10 step approach to massively improve the effectiveness of social media marketing.
Tuesday, 16 March 2010 16:14

Social media strategies and tools

Everyone seems to be jumping on the social media bandwagon, although not everyone understands the time investment needed to run a successful social media campaign.

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