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[] A first for online property. launches online video streaming of new property.
[] Business owners and Senior managers within some of South Africa’s leading companies are taking a ‘head in sand’ approach to HIV and AIDS management in the workplace. So says Diane Ritson of PeopleManagement, an HIV and Aids workplace program company consulting to large enterprises in South Africa.
[] The Bible Society of South Africa announced today that they appointed ChristianMobile™ as their preferred service provider for the development and distribution of the 1983 and 1953 Versions of the Afrikaans language Bible, the English King James Version of the Bible (KJV), the English Good News Version of the…
Tuesday, 10 October 2006 18:56

Ananzi’s Leader Liaison

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[], South Africa’s leading search engine and information portal, have joined forces with Leader Academy, an internationally based leadership development company to provide an opportunity for executives to attend a briefing on the academy’s world-renowned training programmes. The briefing is to provide background information on the Leader Academy’s two…
[] DNA Strings are continuing on their upward climb towards greater international recognition. Recently back from a very successful Edinburgh Festival, DNA Strings’ musical charm and passion returns to the South Africa stage with renewed vigour and vim.
Monday, 09 October 2006 10:24

Getting married in Cape Town

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[] While getting married in Cape Town has always been the dream of many local women it is increasingly becoming the desire of a growing number of foreigners. In addition young South Africans who have left the country to take up positions in the UK, Australia and the US are…
[] Intaba in Piketberg are proud to introduce the following exciting range, the first of its kind in South Africa (possibly the world!)Wild Dagga & CitrusAfrican Ginger & LemonCape Mistletoe & RoseBuchu & Honeybush
[] Run SA's cities "like a business" and investors will flood in. That's the advice from former mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani, who will be helping Johannesburg shape up crime-wise in time for the 2010.
[] Delegates from across Africa greeted the launch of the International Edition of The IziCwe Code with enthusiasm.
[] In a 14 week series on Personal Branding, South Africa's largest radio station, Metro FM, featured The Seven Secrets of IziCwe: Personal Branding Strategies from Emperor Shaka Zulu
Tuesday, 03 October 2006 12:15

Memory Innovation Tradition

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[] South African art history is a reflection of the country’s social and political history. Among the many traumatic consequences of apartheid, is the sad fact that historically, very few black women reached recognition in the world of the fine art.
[] Fedhealth, one of South Africa’s largest remaining independent medical schemes once again has shown that innovation is the name of the game and come to the rescue of people who have suffered a cardiac event. According to Fedhealth CEO, Jeremy Yatt, Fedhealth have teamed up with Professors Wayne Derman…

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