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{pp}Keeping labour costs down has often been the mantra of large corporates reliant on blue collar workers to bring in their profits. For many years prior to 1994, manual and blue collar workers were denied the rights that many others took for granted. Medical Aid was rarely factored in to…
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 15:12

Online Marketing for the estate agent

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{pp}If you are making a living as an estate agent you can be proud to be one of a few of the elite in a very challenging industry. It is no secret that only the best succeed in this very challenging industry.
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 15:03

Ramaphosa supports City's job creation campaign

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{pp}VIPs comprising high profile South African business people and politicians demonstrated encouraging solidarity around skills development and job creation, at an Awards Ceremony held recently at Wits University. The evening was hosted by The City of Joburg and Edexcel, the international awarding body, to recognise 650 call-centre operatives, who have…
{pp}It is somewhat surprising that the reason for the Deputy-President’s UK trip has received little attention. What is considered to be reasonable cost for a trip by the Deputy-President? Would there have been less of an uproar if the cost had been only R1,000,000?
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 14:47

Skaap offers free calls to the UK – A first for SA

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{pp}The cheap Telkom alternative for overseas calling has once again thrown down the gauntlet by announcing free calls to the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA landlines for the period 23 December 2006 to 2 January 2007. Existing and new Skaap subscribers will be able to call these countries…
{pp}Full page adverts in national papers by disgruntled Telkom customers will do little to quell the surge in costs of calls for South Africans. Skaap, however, South Africa’s ‘new’ premier discount call provider has once again thrown down the gauntlet to the National Operator.
{pp}Online fraud has been the bane of South African e-commerce websites and has led to the early demise of many of them. Africa as a whole has been a hotbed of fraudulent online activity to the detriment of what was perceived as a growing SA market, albeit somewhat behind first…
{pp}“Apple’s year-on-year sales in Southern Africa have literally exploded over the past 24 months, doubling CPU sales between 2004 and 2005, and then again between 2005 and 2006. Furthermore, the company also now commands over 70% of the market share in digital music players in South Africa. “We’re in the…
{pp}It seems that SA’s cellphone consumers are voicing their anger at paying through the nose when it comes to pay-as-you-go cellphone charges. The vast majority of cellphone users in South Africa pay upfront for their calls using the various voucher systems available from the various networks. The minority of cellphone…
Wednesday, 20 June 2007 12:56

SA's Mobile Shopping Arrived

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{pp}Jump Shopping (, South Africa's leading Online Shopping Search Engine has launched a mobile offering of its popular search engine.Jump Shopping Mobile fills a gap that exists in comparative shopping sites around the world: While shopping out in a local store, customers often wonder: "How much would I save if…
{pp}Social networks are book clubs for the young – only they meet every day, several times a day. If the middle-aged gossip face to face (how conventional) over books, the young connect over computers and cellphones and whatever channels of communication that hardware offers: sms, mms, jpeg and, with increasing…
{pp}Recently launched social network site has already picked up some interesting content and is attracting young film-makers and musicians to the opportunity of sharing creative expression and opinion. But it has yet to go all the way and find its niche in the political and social discourse that is…

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