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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 08:57

The Panic Attacks Are Gone!

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{pp}Pretoria Hypnotherapist Troy Robins Helps His Clients to Reduce the Effects of Panic Attacks. These disturbing attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that come without warning and without any obvious reason. These attacks are far more intense than the feeling of being 'stressed out' that most people are familiar…
{pp}Living Matter, a small independent landscape design company, is turning heads in the Cape Town landscape design scene. Their clean, contemporary design approach combined with their sense of community, ecological awareness and integrity have earned them recent recognition as one of the most promising urban landscape design companies in Cape…
{pp}Ackermans is celebrating its 93rd birthday this month, and in honour of the celebration, you'll get a free R30 gift card with any purchase of R200 or more. The special is running for the birthday celebration month, which takes place from 14 October to 10 November 2009. Gift cards claimed…
Monday, 19 October 2009 14:08


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{pp}South African mohair sock manufacturer Cape Mohair has developed a unique new range of socks designed to provide diabetics with extreme chaff protection and ultimate foot comfort.
Monday, 19 October 2009 13:22


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{pp}The subconscious mind has been described as the single most powerful goal achievement agency known to humankind. Its easy to tap into this awesome power and to take back control of your life.
Monday, 19 October 2009 11:41

Turning the ordinary into gold

{pp}Alchemy Consulting provides holistic and tailored business solutions and tools to support business in identifying and implementing their strategies. Their highly experienced team of consultants specialise in strategy facilitation, project management, executive coaching and personal executive consulting.
Thursday, 15 October 2009 10:28

Green Online - A new online shop for "green" porducts

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{pp}Velisa Agencies cc today announched the launch of their online store which focuses on environmentally friendly products. South Africa has numerous online stores advertising "green" products but has not until today had a diverse selection of products which cover areas such as health, solar, dynamo and water saving products which…
{pp}Kanhym, the giant in farming, recently took on the world of retail and franchising by opening the doors of its first-of-its-kind fresh meat deli franchise, in Gift Acres, Pretoria.What better brand than Kanhym to offer franchises to the discerning food-lovers market; the company knows more about producing quality meat than…
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 15:14

2 Mandela Rhodes Scholars from TSiBA

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{pp}The goal of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships Programme is to offer educational opportunities to all African citizens with scholastic, intellectual and leadership potential for postgraduate study at suitable tertiary institutions in South Africa. Amongst the 30 selected for 2010, 2 students from the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) based…
{pp}When one thinks of communication platforms, telephone, e-mail and perhaps Internet messaging programmes such as Skype come to mind. With the influx and proactive take-over of social media together with a variety of social networks, one of these platforms has come to stand out as a new communication platform. Twitter.
{pp}The 3rd Annual BEE Conference on Tuesday the 6th October saw the realisation of two major initiatives that promise to have far reaching positive effects on the entire BEE landscape in both the immediate and long-term. These were the launch of both the Annual BEE Awards and the BEE Institute.…
Monday, 12 October 2009 18:29


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{pp}Following on from the recent release of her book 'Surviving the SA Media - 'Building Bridges to Make the Media More Accessible' (Knowledge Resources), journalist and media trainer Marion Scher will be running two courses in November.

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