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{pp}Quest Software, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, makes the task of migrating from an existing software platform to a cost effective Microsoft platform viable, affordable and easy to accomplish.
{pp}The latest statistics regarding the H1N1 virus, dubbed “swine flu”, suggests that pregnant mothers and young children are particularly susceptible to the illness.
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 11:02

Spring has sprung!

{pp}Celebrate with Interflora's new picnic hamper and spring promotion. To celebrate the arrival of spring, Interflora South Africa has launched a spring promotion. This promotion aims to bring awareness to a new exciting product in the Interflora catalogue, a picnic basket hamper. As part of this promotion, a competition is…
{pp}Research over the years has shown that playing classical music to babies in the womb, stimulates the brain in a way that helps educational and emotional development. Known as the Mozart Effect, music is said to boost the baby’s IQ, improves health, strengthens family ties and occasionally delivers the child…
{pp}Win a year's worth of free beer and 100 Red Roses with Interflora South Africa. On the 9th of August, Interflora South Africa launched a "Local is Lekka" competition in which clients can win a year's supply of beer. To enter, participants simply need to purchase any of the hampers…
{pp}Qeep and ZestADZ have signed an extensive partnership for mobile advertising in South Africa
{pp}Blue Turtle Technologies, a leading solutions provider specialising in IT management systems, has announced a partnership with Informatica to distribute and support Informatica Application ILM solutions to the South African market. The Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions will extend the company’s enterprise data management solutions.
{pp}Travel Motives DMC - South Africa has officially appointed Donna Kessler of Tourism Portfolio as their Australian Sales Representative.
{pp}Tufin, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has joined the Juniper Networks J-Partner Program – that ensures partners are able to offer flexible and optimised solutions to end-users that extend the value of Juniper Networks’ solutions.
{pp}As part of its 5th birthday celebrations, TSiBA selected the Niall Mellon Township Trust as one of its five “Give 5 projects” to support this year.
{pp}40 Per Cent Increase In Frequency To Spain, Greece, Sweden And France Fourth Anniversary Of Madrid Launch Celebrated With Daily Flights Athens And Paris Services Rise To Double DailyStockholm Route Rises From Four To Five-Flights-A-Week.
Airline Appointed By Top Global Aviation Body In Recognition For Outstanding Environmental Work

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