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{pp}ArcSight, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has released Enterprise Security Management (ESM) 4.5. ArcSight ESM v4.5 incorporates a new feature set which broadens the product’s security information and event management functionality. This functionality includes query viewers for analysis, network modelling wizards, use cases for content deployment and improved third…
{pp}South African Guest House owners have six months to attract 2010 Soccer guest to their guest houses. They are not using social media tools like twitter and other online tools. A list of 14 online marketing tools can help guest house owners attract more guest by getting involved in creating…
Monday, 26 October 2009 11:52

Igniting Opportunity: TSiBA Eden successfully launched

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{pp}The Tertiary School of Business Administration (TSiBA) today further extended its mission of igniting opportunity with the launch of its second campus in rural Karatara, in the Garden Route. The institution formerly known as Eden has become the first of TSiBA campuses outside of Cape Town.
Monday, 26 October 2009 11:51

The Company Gardens in Cape Town

{pp}A haven of natural beauty in the heart of the city. Secreted away from the bustling streets are the Company Gardens of Cape Town, the grounds that once served as a vegetable garden for the city's earliest settlers. With its fish ponds, aviaries and fragrant rose gardens, the Company Gardens…
{pp}AFRICA . INX, South Africa’s first and only independent network exchange, has announced its official launch. “Say goodbye to a historical era of telecommunications monopoly and welcome to freedom of choice, lower rates and independence”, says Eduard du Plessis, CEO, AFRICA . INX.
{pp}As part of their ongoing commitment to deliver meaningful and long lasting benefits to the communities it reaches, the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund supported three bands at this year’s Field Band Foundation National Championships. The annual competition, which took place in Johannesburg from 2 to 3 October at the Johannesburg…
{pp}No tricks, only treats with Interflora's special Halloween offer. There's something sweet about Interflora South Africa's Halloween promotion, which will be launched on October 24th 2009. Order of a bunch of Gerbera flowers, along with chocolates in a bag, and receive a free slab of chocolate with your order.
{pp}The new Taj Cape Town brings opulence to the historic city centre. For the sophisticated traveller, the Taj Cape Town hotel offers an exclusive accommodation experience. Combining luxury amenities with historic South African architecture, the hotel provides luxurious 5-star accommodation in the heart of the city. Here, in the famed…
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 08:57

The Panic Attacks Are Gone!

{pp}Pretoria Hypnotherapist Troy Robins Helps His Clients to Reduce the Effects of Panic Attacks. These disturbing attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that come without warning and without any obvious reason. These attacks are far more intense than the feeling of being 'stressed out' that most people are familiar…
{pp}Living Matter, a small independent landscape design company, is turning heads in the Cape Town landscape design scene. Their clean, contemporary design approach combined with their sense of community, ecological awareness and integrity have earned them recent recognition as one of the most promising urban landscape design companies in Cape…
{pp}Ackermans is celebrating its 93rd birthday this month, and in honour of the celebration, you'll get a free R30 gift card with any purchase of R200 or more. The special is running for the birthday celebration month, which takes place from 14 October to 10 November 2009. Gift cards claimed…
{pp}South African mohair sock manufacturer Cape Mohair has developed a unique new range of socks designed to provide diabetics with extreme chaff protection and ultimate foot comfort.

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