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Monday, 30 April 2007 20:51

Traversio Group Launches GO Rentals UK

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{pp}The TRAVERSIO Group this week announced a deal with DotCom Data Services in the UK to take on the South African GO Computer Rentals brand. "The brand has been been a remarkable success in South Africa since its launch only 6 months ago," says CEO Evan Berger.
{pp}On the 26th of April 2007, Daniel Martins, marketing manager for announced, “ has launched a brand new service that enables consumers to find and book the best flight deals. When you search for a flight with us, you'll get results from all the major and low-cost carriers displayed…
{pp}Online advertising agency iLogic's latest creation for client allows you to take your repressed road rage out on a taxi, as many times as you want, in several creative ways. You can even punch the driver out cold. with a fist at . Strangely addictive, as all good…
{pp}South Africa Johannesburg: Tony Dovale of Life Masters International launches his latest "Transformed team with Soul" Corporate Team-Building adventure. A corporate team-building initiative that transforms teams on a long-term basis with High Voltage Leadership, consciousness levels and an Appreciative Enquiry foundation.
{pp}In 2007 Combustion Technology will be 20 years old and still at the forefront of the burner and boiler business in South Africa.“Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the need for better fuel economy and emissions reduction and we are at the forefront of this drive” says…
{pp}Simon's Town is the most popular residential choice in the False Bay area for out of town buyers. Because 53% of all the money spend on residential property, in False Bay by outsiders, were for homes in Simonstown. In addition buyers are willing to pay a premium of 27% for…
Friday, 20 April 2007 18:26

Visual Affair launches new product range!

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{pp}As of this week, the dynamic quartet known as Visual Affair has launched a new product range. Famous for their cutting edge use of a digital technology known as Motion Posters Visual Affair are now branching out into Washroom Posters and flyer distributions.
{pp}David Krut Projects is proud to host “Building” - an exhibition of photographs by Angela Buckland. The artist gained esteem when she was nominated for the prestigious Daimler Chrysler Award for Creative Photography in 2003 for her photographic installation, “Where’s Nikki”, a frank exploration of the lived experience, marginalisation and…
{pp}More than 50 centuries ago the art of writing was first invented and great masters like Shakespeare, Mozart and Einstein practised this art with phenomenal success. Two authors, Elmari Swart and Izak Smit, capture the essence of South African wine and travel in their new book and so joined the…
{pp}The blogsite Timbuktu Chronicles, compiled by New York entrepreneur Emeka Ekafor and which is fully dedicated to the African continent, is experiencing numerous hits from South Africa. The blogsite turns out to be an excellent marketing tool for one of the most unusual tourism attractions of this country.
Friday, 13 April 2007 15:19

The Powerzone Schools Tour 2007

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{pp}The Powerzone Schools Tour, an initiative started in 2006 in conjunction with the Powerzone Roadshow, will be taking place in schools and under 18 friendly venues across the country in May of this year. Comprised of three top South African bands, namely The Finkelstiens, 16Stitch and Bloodmoney, the Schools Tour…
Friday, 13 April 2007 12:20

Party of the year in the Heart of JOZI

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{pp}The Event Production Company co-ordinated and organised an exciting and vibrant 5 Star Affair on behalf of our client, a leading blue-chip beverage company on Thursday 29th March at Atlas Studios in downtown Johannesburg. The event took brand activation a step further for the beverage company by integrating the brand…

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