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Thursday, 07 June 2007 20:20


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{pp}A laptop stolen in Johannesburg has been recovered and will be returned to the rightful owner within the next few days, this is thanks to a Johannesburg based anti-crime initiative.
{pp}FundWorks SA today announces that Allan Gray has licensed and will be implementing FundReports, FundWorks’ Enterprise Client Communications and Reporting platform. Allan Gray will use FundReports in South Africa for the production of Monthly, Quarterly and Ad Hoc Client Reports for its Institutional clients.
Wednesday, 06 June 2007 19:59

First South African Joomla! Day

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{pp}For the first time in South Africa all those who are in some way involved with Joomla! will get together to share ideas and experiences with the open source content management system. The day aims at allowing all Cape Town Joomla! users, designers, developers, administrators, trainers, webhosts and other related…
{pp}The third edition of the Wacky Wine Weekend in Robertson (June 1-3, 2007) has been a great success; also for Soekershof Walkabout. Overall there were more visitors than last year and, in general, the offered attractions/activities of the different wine cellars improved in comparison with last year.
{pp}On the 1st of June 2007, Daniel Martins, marketing manager for announced, “ has launched a brand new service called, HotPrice Travel, that enables consumers to find and book the best flight deals. When you search for a flight with us, you'll get results from all the major and…
Friday, 01 June 2007 12:38

Fragmentation Costs You Money

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{pp}Everybody has at some stage probably heard of fragmentation. Right? In a nutshell, fragmentation is the disorganization of files on your hard disk, where files get scattered or broken up into hundreds or even thousands of pieces called fragments, which leads to system slowdowns, crashes or even total system failure.…
{pp}Senegalese vocalist, composer and mbalax maestro Omar Pene and his group Le Super Diamano, often dubbed - “the people’s band of Dakar” - are set to perform their Southern African debut in South African in June 2007.
{pp}Don't miss a 20 minute preview show of the production "Without A Kiss" at the Intimate Theatre this Sunday from 7h30 pm.
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 15:38

75% say NO to the 2010 world cup logo!

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{pp}On the live poll running on the website, 75% of the voters do not like the official 2010 World Cup logo. The poll has been running since November last year and quite possibly gives a good sample indication of what the majority of South Africans believe.
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 12:27

Entrepreneurs, we want your story!

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{pp} is proud to share the stories of the individuals that are the embodiment of the spirit of the South African entrepreneur, as they launch the brand-new, interactive section of the portal entitled How We Did it!
{pp}March 27, 2007: An entire team from the UK Television channel, BBC Food, chose to stay, and party, at Liziwe's Guest House in Gugulethu this week, experiencing the culture and tradition of the locals, and what makes South Africa a major attraction.Early last week, the Cooked In Africa crew arrived…
Tuesday, 29 May 2007 19:38

SA businesses held back by procedural red tape

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{pp}Rand fluctuation has long been a huge obstacle for SA companies wishing to do business overseas. It is however not the only obstacle. More detrimental than currency fluctuation is the impedance by government to local companies wishing to import or export goods from or to overseas.Where this impedance differs from…

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