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{pp}RCS Personal Finance (RCS), a division of the RCS Group, has successfully upgraded to the latest version of PIC Solutions’ renowned collections system, CollectSmart.
{pp}In the past, traditional recruitment was sufficient until skills shortages, Employment Equity regulation and changing target markets became a very real threat and employers suddenly realised that their company had to become the brand – the Employer Brand, in order to compete for talent.
{pp}The Innovation Fund is inviting investment proposals from all South Africans with novel and inventive technological ideas that are commercially viable.
Thursday, 30 October 2008 13:15

Bizwave advertising model

{pp}Bizwave (Pty) Ltd created, developed and operates an idea and business development platform that allows idea owners, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to share ideas, collaborate with industry experts and build successful business plans.
{pp}I spend a lot of time rewriting other people’s work or worse trying to decipher press releases and editing reams of paper which make up reports. And then I meet up with other freelancers who complain of how quiet it is right now and I wonder?
{pp}PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, has launched the latest version of its renowned collections system, CollectSmart.
Thursday, 23 October 2008 12:39

Natural and Organic Exhibition

{pp}The Natural and Organic Exhibition held their expo at the CTICC this year with a, according to reports, over 30% increase in visitor attendance. The venue was filled to the brim with ‘green’ products and services ranging from a variety of sectors, including shopping centres, beauty products and fashion items.…
{pp}PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, will be presenting two papers at Fair Isaac’s InterACT conference to be held in New York City from 10-13 March, 2009.
{pp}Today’s workforce and environment demands far more from their protective footwear than ever before; wanting extreme comfort from safety shoes that look good, while keeping them safe at the same time.At the workplace or on the move, Rebel Footwear ensures the essential combinations of quality, styling and safety.
{pp}Online lingerie shop reports that a significant proportion of its customers are men. Online lingerie shop ThingAmaThing reports that men account for more than 50% of its lingerie orders, despite selling a product traditionally worn by women.
{pp}If you're looking for a range of safety footwear that can handle the heat, Rebel ThermoTrak is the answer.
{pp}The use of speech analytics in a contact centre environment is fairly widespread, but its use in a post-call survey is a new application with important benefits for companies wanting to raise the bar in customer service.

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